Hertford County Holds Annual Employee Recognition Celebration

The Hertford County Human Resources Department held its annual Employee Recognition Program on Thursday, December 9th at Beechwood Country Club. This event honored County Commissioners and employees who reached milestones within their career with Hertford County Local Government as well as recognizing retirees for this year.

The Commissioners and employees recognized are listed below.

John Horton-5 years

Senior Management Team
Mike Bradley, Public Buildings-9 years, Retiree
Sandra Brock-Justice, Tax Assessor-29 years, Retiree
Felecia Gaston, E911-30 years

Arden Wright-10 years
Detention Center
Wanda Leary-29 years, Retiree
Allison Cotton-5 years
Alice Cherry-5 years, Retiree
Tameka Knight-5 years
Tiffany Walton-15 years
Kendra White-5 years
Rochelle Wilkins-15 years
Debra Myers-20 years, Retiree
Katie Fennell-30 years, Retiree
Emily Taylor-30 years, Retiree

Jerry Dixon-5 years
Tawanda McKiver-10 years
Johnny Joyner-15 years
Jessie Fennell, Sr.-24 years, Retiree

Linda Morris-5 years
Sheila Privott, 25 years

Michelle White-5 years
Dillon Williams-5 years

Public Buildings
Sharon Freeman-15 years

Register of Deeds
La’tia Lewter-10 years