Department  Contact Name/Position  Contact Number 
Adult Corrections
Walter F. Goodwyn 252-649-2008
Aging / Senior Center  Diedra Evans, Director  252-358-7856 
Animal Control  Dexter Hayes, Sheriff  252-358-7841 
Clerk To The Board  Dr. Renee Fleetwood, Clerk to the Board 252-358-7823
Cooperative Extension  Vacant, Director 252-358-7822
County Administration  David Cotton, County Manager 252-358-7805
Court Facilities Shirley Johnson, Clerk of Court 252-358-7100
Data Center  Charles Wallen, Manager   252-358-7831 
Economic Development Kelly  Bowers, Director 252-358-7801 
Elections  Sheila Privott, Director  252-358-7812 
Emergency Medical Services James Broglin, Director 252-358-7861 
Emergency Management Chris Smith, Director  252-358-7861 
Facilities (Public Buildings) Bradford Vann, Director 252-358-7877 
Fire Marshal  Chris Smith, Director  252-358-7861 
E 911 Addressing  Sara Turner, Director  252-358-7809 
E 911 Communications Department Felicia Gaston, Director  252-358-0231 
Finance  Leslie Edwards, Finance Director 252-358-7804 
GIS and Planning Sara Turner, Director  252-358-7809 
Human Resources  Kimberly Turner, Director 252-358-7805 
Information Technology  Monique Mitchell, Director  252-358-7845
Code Enforcement (Building Inspections) Robert Mizelle, Chief Codes Enforcement Officer  252-358-7814 
Jail Major Carol Ward 252-358-7840 
Judicial District Office  William F. Mitchell, Jr., Manager 252-649-2007
Juvenile Court Counselor  Chris Langston  252-358-7816 
Library Hugh H. Davis, Director 252-358-7855
Magistrate    252-358-7829 
Public Health   252-338-4400
Public Works Vacant, Public Works Director
Stanley Lassiter, Rural Water Manager
Register of Deeds  Melanie Storey, Register of Deeds  252-358-7850 
Rural Water Vacant, Public Works Director
Stanley Lassiter, Rural Water Manager
Sheriff's Office  Dexter Hayes, Sheriff  252-358-7800 
Social Services  Brenda Brown, Director  252-358-7830 
Soil and Water Conservation District Eric Parker, Soil Conservation Technician  252-358-7846 
Solid Waste  Ashley Jilcott, Solid Waste Manager
Stanley Lassiter, Rural Water Manager
Tax Assessor  Vacant, Tax Assessor   252-358-7810 
Tax Collector Tammy Eason, Tax Collector  252-358-7815 
USDA - Farm Service Agency  Kenneth Johnson  252-357-0290 ext 2 
USDA - Natural Resources Conservation District  Brian Saunders  252-357-0290 ext 3 
USDA - Rural Development  Calvin Askew  252-358-7836 
Veterans Affairs Chad Stephens, Veteran Services Officer  252-358-7811 
Zoning Administration Robert Mizelle, Chief Codes Enforcement Officer 252-358-7814