MISSION:To manage County funds in accordance with the North Carolina Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act, applicable state and federal regulations, and sound principles of accounting and cash management.


The Finance Department has the responsibility of recording and reporting on the financial activities of the County in accordance N.C.G.S. 159 (Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act), federal rules and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles.  Following are some duties performed in fulfilling the responsibilities as prescribed by law:


  • Maintaining detailed account records by fund for county departments, including

    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Budgeted and actual revenues
    • Budgeted and actual expenditures

  • Supervising the receipt, deposit and investment of cash
  • Approving all invoices and contracts prior to payment
  • Disbursing funds for payment to vendors
  • Disbursing employee payroll
  • Preparing financial reports for federal and state agencies
  • Assisting in compilation of the Annual County Budget
  • Approving and issuing purchase orders
  • Accounting for Fixed Assets

Contact Information

VACANT - Finance Director

Michelle White - Staff Accountant

Crystal Hoggard - Accounts Payable - Receivable Specialist

Martha Piland- Payroll Specialist

Telephone: (252) 358-7805
Fax: (252) 358-0198

115 Justice Drive, Suite 1
Winton, North Carolina 27986