E 911 Addressing

The GIS, Land Records and Rural E-911 Addressing department is responsible for the assignment and maintenance of Hertford County’s rural E-911 addresses.  We have recently created within our working GIS, a database of all address points within Hertford County, including the local municipalities.  This information is needed for the Enhanced Emergency 911 system (E-911), which will allow Hertford County to provide the needed information to appropriate emergency and non-emergency response and support the needs of the 911 communications center.

The following main objectives have been identified for maintaining accurate address points within Hertford County:
  • To provide a means for expedient emergency response by fire, police, rescue, medical and any other emergency services.
  • To establish a property location that will serve as Emergency 911 locator.
  • To assist in the proper delivery of mail, utility, and other services.
  • To provide property owners and the county with a convenient, accurate and systematic means of identifying property.
  • To name new streets and rename existing streets with conflicting or duplicate names in order to provide efficient emergency services.
  • To support Hertford County's migration to the Enhanced 911 system.
Individuals or contractors seeking to have a new 911 address assigned must meet the following criteria prior to an address assignment certificate being presented. 

  •  A driveway for access to the desired property must be installed
  • A site plan that clearly shows the access to the property with distances to corner markers or other landmarks must be presented to the staff at the time of or prior to the request.

Please fill out and return the following application.

Address Application

Contact Information

Sara P. Turner, GISP
GIS, Land Records and E-911 Addressing Director

Office: (252) 358-7809
Facsimile: (252) 358-0198
115 Justice Drive, Suite 3
Winton, N.C.  27986