Adult and Family Services


Adult Protective Services:
Adult Protective Services assists adults with disabilities who are unable to take care of themselves and have no one able or willing to assist them with the care they need. These adults may be abused or neglected by a caretaker, they may be neglecting themselves, or they be exploited. These services include provisions in state law for evaluation of the need for protective services and interventions in situations in which adults are found to be in need of protective services.

Guardianship involves the provision of services to individuals and their families who are alleged to be incompetent . It includes legal proceedings in which an adult is declared incompetent by the court and another party is given responsibility for duties relative to the adult's personal affairs and/or property.
Special Assistance:
In Home (SA-IH): program for adults provides a cash supplement to help low income individuals, who are at risk of entering an Adult Care Home, to remain at home safely. The SA-IH program goal is to allow eligible clients to remain in the community and live as independently as possible.
In Home Aide Services:
In home aid services will provide individual and family adjustment services. In Home Aid Services are intended to provide support to persons/families that predominately or entirely require assistance with home management tasks and assistance with personal care tasks. Person/families to be served include those who are medically stable and partially dependent in activities of daily living due to physical and/or mental impairment.
Adult Day Care Services:
Adult day care services are the provision of an organized program of services during the day in a community group setting for the purpose of supporting adult’s personal independence, and promoting their social, physical and emotional well-being. Services must include a variety of program activities designed to meet the individual needs and interest of the participants, a nutritious meal and snack and referral to assistance in using community resources.
Adult Home Specialist 
Adult home specialists monitor and study the development of Family Care Homes and Adult Care Homes to determine if the home or facility meets the needs of the individuals it serves. The Specialist offers consultation and technical assistance to help family care homes and groups care facilities to expand and improve the quality of care provided.
On Call:
On call duty is for all after hours, holidays and weekend calls. This worker will answer calls for children and adults. A supervisor is always available for back up to assist the worker. The worker will take the report and discuss with the supervisor to decide what steps should be taken. If there are more services needed, then the case will be turned over to the proper social worker for case management on the next business day.

Medical Transportation:
Medical transportation is arranged and paid for through the Department of Social Services for qualifying individuals who are also recipients of a qualified Medicaid covered service or Elderly or handicapped.
 Trust Accounts:
The Department maintains a Trust Account for individuals in need of a protective payee or guardian.  Social Workers manage the funds with the client or on behalf of the client and authorize disbursements from the account to support the needs of the client.
Services For The Blind:
Juanita Manley, Social Worker – NC Division of Services for the Blind: This program provides services to individuals with medical concerns with vision impairment.