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GIS & Planning
The  mission of the Hertford County GIS & Planning Department is to manage and maintain accurate land records and tax owner listings for the purposes of taxation of real property, as well as verifying and maintaining the rural E-911 addressing databases to provide a more efficient emergency dispatch service.  In addition we strive to build and promote an accurate and complete shared geographic information system (GIS) to serve as a portal of access for the public and governmental entities, while supporting the activities of Hertford County.

The GIS & Planning Department is a link between the Register of Deeds Office and other County Offices that require current property ownership information and graphic representation of the property associated with the ownership record.  All deeds conveying real estate recorded prior to January 1 are transferred for the upcoming year’s ad valorem taxes.  GIS/Land Records uses that information to maintain and update the property ownership maps used by the Tax Assessors Office and other County Offices.  The staff process changes in ownership and property line information based on deeds, plats, wills and other recorded documents with the Register of Deeds and Clerk of Court Offices.  The staff also assigns all new house addresses for the rural areas of Hertford County and maintain the County’s addressing databases.  The GIS/Land Records staff are individually State certified by the North Carolina Land Records Department and maintain this certification by continuing education hours.   You may view our tax maps through our GIS system online or on one of the two public terminals in our office. 

Geographic Information System (GIS)
All real estate properties are mapped into the GIS database. The map information on our online GIS site includes areal photography, property lines, flood plain (provided by FEMA), road names as well as many other layers.  Recent aerial photography (2012) is also available via the website.  Information may also be obtained regarding ownership, deed book and page references, valuation information, address and or location.

Review Officer
Pursuant to GS -47 -30, personnel in this office are appointed as Review Officers for plat review before recording.

Custom Map Requests
Printing maps from your computer is free with our GIS website; However, in some instances there is a need for a custom map to be made.  The Land Records / GIS office can make custom maps at your request following payment.  Please see the fee schedule for more information.

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