Children Services

To Report Abuse Neglect or Exploitation of Children
Please call (252) 358-7830 (8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday).
After hours please call (252) 358-7800, or call 911.

Child Protective Services, Investigations, Assessment and Treatment:

The Department receives reports of alleged abuse, neglect or dependency on children in Hertford County.  All reports are screened and investigations are conducted when the report is screened in.  If there is substantiated abuse, neglect or dependency, services are provided in accordance to the protection plan developed with the family.  When children are at risk of harm and cannot remain with family, the Department may need to assume custody of the child and place the child in a licensed foster home or with other appropriate family.

Child Foster Care and Reunification:

The Department provides for care of children in the custody of the Department in licensed foster care homes, group homes,childcare institutions, and other therapeutic placements.  Foster Homes are supervised by the Department and the Department partners with the foster parents to provide substitute care for the children until they can be returned to their families whenever possible.  If return to the family is not possible, then a permanent plan is developed for the child which may include adoption.

Adoption Services:

The Department provides adoption services to children in custody of the Department that have been released to the Department for Adoption or when the parental rights have been terminated by the court.  When children have special needs and are available for adoption, adoption subsidies may be paid on behalf of the children.  Other services may be provided for children that have been adopted with special needs such as payment for special medical needs, therapeutic services, legal fees, etc. Recruitment of adoptive applicants for children in the custody of the Department is a part of our adoption service.  The Department also completes a report to the court in relative adoptions.

Independent Living Services:

Youth in the custody of the Department of Social Services are provided with special services to prepare them for the transition from foster care to living independently when they become adults.

Interstate Placement Services:

The Department conducts home studies and supervises placements when children in protective custody are placed across State lines.  Interstate Placement Service is also the vehicle used when children in the Department's custody need placement in another state.

Home Studies:

The Department conducts home studies and makes recommendations on the placement of children when ordered to do so by the court for children not in the custody of the Department.  This service may involve a fee.

Child Day Care:

This program provides funding for child day care services for eligible children through the Division of Child Development and Smart Start.  The Department determines eligibility for the service and works in close cooperation with Smart Start, the Division of Child Development and local Child Day Care Providers. Clients may be required to pay a fee based on their income.