Clerk To The Board

The Clerk to the Board is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.  The Clerk to the Board is officially responsible for the County seal and the retention of official records. These include minutes, ordinance books, records of county-appointed boards and committees and resolutions. The clerk is responsible for legal advertisements and must be familiar with the General Statutes that deal with advertisements in order to assure the validity of actions taken by the Board of Commissioners.

Because many of the legal powers of the county are exercised by the Board of Commissioners, the minutes of the Board meetings are the official record of what it does and therefore this function is one of the clerk’s most important duties. Subsequently, the clerk is required to attend all Board of Commissioner meetings.One of the most important services that the clerk provides to the Board is assistance with preparations for meetings. The clerk prepares the agenda for Board meetings and compiles background information for the Board’s agenda packet.

Contact Information

Dr. Renee Fleetwood
Clerk to the Board

Phone: 252-358-7823
Fax: 252-358-0198

115 Justice Drive, Suite 1
Winton, NC  27986