Work First Services

Work First:

This program is based on the premise that all people have a responsibility to their families and communities to work and provide for their children.   This program is time limited and directed toward a return to the local labor market and the family sharing in the responsibility of achieving self-sufficiency.

Benefit Diversion:

This is a cash one-time payment of up to three months that is an alternative to the traditional Work First Family Assistance.  This program includes Medicaid for the family.  Benefit Diversion provides an opportunity for families to receive immediate help and preserve their independence from public assistance.

Employment Services:

This program is for eligible Work First families with a range of employment services which includes developing plans.  These are individualized plans that meet the needs of the family.  The family in conjunction with the Social Worker develops a plan.  Plans include realistic and obtainable goals and activities that will enable the family to participate in federal countable work activities and become economically self-sufficient within a reasonable period.

Emergency Assistance:

This program provides assistance to qualifying families who do not receive Work First cash assistance with one time emergency assistance to relieve a temporary crisis.  The program is offered based on the availability of funds.