Coronavirus (COVID-19) Special Announcements from the Sheriff's Office

Message from Hertford County Sheriff's Office

Dear citizens of Hertford County,
As Sheriff it is my responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of Hertford County. Due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, as of March 16, 2020 until further notice, the Hertford County Sheriffs Office will be temporally suspending some of its services. Please read carefully as the following services are suspended:

The Hertford County sheriffs Office will not be fingerprinting any citizens until further notice. This service is suspended to keep citizens away from the jail population.

Purchase Permit/ Concealed carrier:
Citizens will be able to come in and complete an application for purchase permits and concealed carry permits however the return time will be delayed!
When your permit is complete a office staff member will contact you.

Jail Visitation:
The Hertford County sheriffs office will be limiting visitation for inmates in the jail. Visitation will only be on Wednesday for misdemeanor confinement and Thursday for the rest of the population.

Vehicle Unlocks:
The Hertford County Sheriffs Office will be suspending vehicle unlocks until further notice, unless a child or animal is locked in the vehicle.

Hertford County Courthouse:
We are asking that if you have a criminal or civil case in court please try to leave any company home unless they have been served as a witness in a case. When entering the courthouse there will be hand sanitizer available for you to use. We are trying to keep everyone sanitized as they enter the courthouse.

Thank you

Sheriff Dexter Hayes

Message from Judge Branch

Good evening. Here is an update...
All District criminal and civil courts in District 6 are cancelled except for DV, 1st Appearances, bond hearings, and any emergency and time sensitive matters. Judges and will follow the regular schedule and be available for those hearings.
Feel free to text or email questions or concerns. Be safe.
Judge Branch