Fire Investigations

When requested by the fire department or law enforcement, the Hertford County Fire Marshal’s Office will determine the origin and cause of all fires in Hertford County.

Each year across the nation billions of dollars worth of property and hundreds of lives are lost as a result of fires that are intentionally ignited by arsonists.  The Hertford County Fire Marshal’s Office as well as law enforcement agencies throughout the County and Towns along with the S.B.I. and A.T.F. work to prosecute the people responsible for these crimes.  Arson is a crime that costs all of us dearly as a result of higher insurance premiums and the blight of burned out building in our communities which may attract other crimes to the area.

As technology continues to change, Hertford County Fire Marshal’s Office will keep up to date with annual required training.  The field of fire investigation has developed into a science and is much more technical than it was twenty years ago.  The Fire Marshal is a North Carolina State certified arson investigator.

Today’s investigations are more complex as plastics and synthetic materials have become part of everyday life and furnishings.  Rules of evidence have changed and become more stringent, and due to television and technology criminals have become better educated.  The Fire Marshal’s Office strives to keep up to date with the changing technology to provide the best service to citizens of Hertford County.