Shelter Locations

Primary Shelter:
Hertford County High School
1326 W First Street
Ahoskie, NC 27910

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Secondary Shelter:
Hertford County Middle School
1850 Hwy 11 North
Murfreesboro, NC 27855

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General Shelter Information:

Public Shelters Defined
Public shelters are a refuge for those seeking temporary safety from a disaster or emergency. Those  going to a public shelter are doing so because they have been ordered to evacuate, caught on the road away from their home, or left their home believing that remaining there was unsafe. Shelters offer minimal necessities and there are often a shortage of volunteers to help manage shelters. As a result, those staying at the shelter are encouraged to serve as  shelter volunteers during their stay.

When To Go To A Shelter
When shelters are open in Hertford County, you should go to a shelter because the proper authorities have ordered an evacuation of the area in which you reside. You should go to a public shelter when traveling and you determine that wind, flooding or other conditions are such that continued travel is unsafe. You know your own home best. You should go to a public shelter when you determine that conditions at or around your home are no longer safe.

What To Bring To A Shelter
Hertford County will provide as much as possible in shelters to help our citizens. However, those using shelters are expected to bring with them at least the following items:
  • Bedding (Pillow and blankets)
  • Personal / family prescription medications
  • Extra clothing
  • Personal hygiene products and toiletries
  • Books, games (to entertain your children)
  • Special dietary needs (including infant formulas, etc.)
  • Personal identification (drivers license /ID card)
What NOT To Bring To A Shelter
  • Firearms or knives
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks
  • Similar illegal or dangerous items
Pet Friendly Shelters
Hertford County High School is designated as a pet friendly shelter.  However, the following apply.

Caretaker must provide:
  • Administrative (Check in, Photo, Rabies Shot Vaccination Record)
  • Animal Supplies (Food, litter, bowls, cleaning supplies, medical supplies)
  • Cages or crates
Caretaker is responsible for feeding and cleaning of their pet under the control of the Pet Shelter Manager.  No pets are allowed in the general population area unless they are a service dog (blind).

Additional Shelters
Hertford County may arrange for additional shelter locations, depending upon the circumstances of the disaster or the reason for an evacuation. You should listen to your radio for additional information and up to the minute emergency information.

Special Needs
If you, a family member, neighbor or loved one is severely handicapped, please remember to bring all the special items that person needs with you. Please take time to register if you feel you have a special need and will go to a shelter.  Click Here for special needs registration.

Persons with special needs, who are handicapped or need special medications need to have their care giver with them at all times.