Distribution Points for Supplies and Commodities

Distribution Centers will be opened when deemed necessary and at the approval and authorization of emergency management.

During and after a major emergency or disaster the distribution of goods, services and commodities in Hertford County will begin at the fire departments in the county. The public  should be aware that distribution of goods and commodities may not begin for up to seventy two (72) hours after a major storm or other disaster has struck the county. Citizens should  listen to radio stations or other official public information to learn of the exact date and times that essential emergency supplies, goods and commodities will be distributed. Under normal circumstances distributions of items such as water and food will be conducted during daylight hours, generally from 4pm until 6pm daily or at other times  set by Hertford County. Locations may also change, so please listen to your radio for the most up-to-date  information.

Distribution Centers, regardless of their location normally only provide the following services:

  • Drinking water in small quantities (usually small bottles or one gallon containers)
  • Food products, which are usually Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

Distribution Centers are for emergency supplies and are not intended to meet every need of every citizen.

Distribution Centers will not distribute:

  • Prescription medications
  • Special Diet meals
  • Medical supplies
  • Transportation
  • Money or compensation
  • Temporary housing or temporary housing vouchers

Distribution Centers are normally crowded and you will often have to wait to be served. Products and commodities are often distributed on a first come, first served basis, although it is possible that handicapped or infirmed individuals will be served first.  Please follow the rules of the Distribution Center. Click on any underlined address below for a map to the distribution center near you.

View Hertford County Shelter Locations and Distribution Points in a larger map

Distribution Centers in Hertford County are:

Ahoskie Fire Department
301 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Ahoskie, NC .
Como Fire Department
1201 US 258 North
Como, NC.
Harrellsville Fire Department
227 E. Main Street
Harrellsville, NC.
Millennium Fire Department
246 Millennium Road
Aulander, NC.
Murfreesboro Fire Department
200 East Sycamore Street
Murfreesboro, NC 
St John Fire Department
1127 NC 561 West
Aulander, NC
Union Fire Department
103 Union Road
Ahoskie, NC
Winton Fire Department
501 North Main Street
Winton, NC