Frequently Asked Questions

The time, date and location of your next tax deed auction?

The form of payment required to purchase at the auction?

A list of any and all venues used to advertise your auction including scheduled advertising dates?

Details used by your county for full payment of properties purchased at your sale? Is there a payment schedule, or is demand made for payment in full?

A complete list of the properties coming up for sale, indicating any fee(s) associated with purchase of that list?

Your procedure for dispoing of properties not sold at the auction?

Instructions to follow in registering for you next auction?

I sold this property - Why am I getting this bill?

When are my taxes due and when does interest begin?

My mortgage company should pay this bill. Why am I getting it?

May I Make Partial Payments?

Motor Vehicles

Did I pay vehicle taxes when I bought my tag?

When does my motor vehicle tax come due?

Explain what happens when you transfer or turn in your tag.

Tag Turn-In

What methods of payment can be used to pay taxes online?

Can partial payments be made online?

When will my payment be posted when paid online?

Why are processing fees and transaction fees charged when paying online?

Can credit card or debit card payments be made at the Tax Collector's Office?

Will I receive a receipt when my payment is made online?

Enforced Collection Measures

Return Check Policy