County Owned Foreclosure Properties

Hertford County owns the following parcels of property as a result of Tax Foreclosures.  If you are interested in purchasing this property you must submit a Bid Proposal to the Hertford County Board of Commissioners.  Submit in writing, your name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address if available to the Chairman of the Hertford County Board of Commissioners, P.O. Box 116, Winton, NC 27986.  The proposal must include the parcel number (PIN), along with a personal, certified or cashier check in the amount of five percent (5%) of the total bid amount.  If the bid is not upset, and then accepted by the County Commissioners, a certified or cashier check will be required for the balance.  Prior to submitting a bid, contact the Tax Collector for an updated amount due and confirmation of the amount needed for minimum bid to satisfy all taxes, interest and cost accrued by Hertford County in obtaining the property.

AddressParcel Number (PIN)2019 Appraised ValueTaxed AcreageForeclosed OwnersInside Town Limits?
Off of Catherine Creek Road, Ahoskie 5993-70-7529 $6,439 Lot (Garrett, Lola Sears) Hicks, Lizzie 97-05 YES
424 McGlohon Street, Ahoskie 5993-30-8317 $7,874 Lot Allen, Matthew R YES
Boones Bridge Road, Como 5061-72-4902 $11,886 Lot Bell, John and Joanne NO
815 C NC 45 South 6925-32-5657 $6,953 Lot Cherry, Johnny NO
314 & 316 Snipes Street, Ahoskie 5993-61-1378  $3,463  Lot Hollins, Carol Newsome YES
Snipes and Troy Street, Ahoskie 5993-51-9499  $4,294 Lot  Hollins, Carol Newsome  YES
205 Boyette Street, Murfreesboro 5968-35-2618 $7,100 Lot Johnson, Lillie Mae, Heirs YES
First Street, Ahoskie 5992-58-5597 $6,348 Lot Mitchell, Emma, Heirs YES
Holloman Avenue, Ahoskie 5993-52-9228 $28,800 2 Lots Price, Thurman W YES
VIP Road and Lincoln Avenue 6903-13-4333 $6,976 Lot Revelle, Clarence E YES
New Avenue Extended, Murfreesboro 5968-45-5728 $2,478 1.41 A Scott, Frances Kay YES
102 Fairground Rd, Ahoskie 5993-70-4927 $10,572 Lot Simmons, Mervin L., Heirs YES
318 Snipes Street, Ahoskie 5993-61-1310 $6,259 Lot The Newtec Company YES
NC HWY 561 West 5953-85-6234 $9, 063 Lot Wiggins, Al Revelle NO
413 Jim Hardy Rd,Woodland 5944-40-6085 $41,033 1.0 A Bush, Pauline, Heirs NO
Lot 20, New Hope Estates, Buckhorn Church Rd, Como 5081-29-1741 $20,907 5.1 A FRB Custom Homes NO
Lot 19, New Hope Estates, Buckhorn Church Rd, Como 5081-19-9738 $26,127 2.4 A FRB Custom Homes NO
Open Space, New Hope Estates, Rachel Way, Como 5072-90-5383, 5072-90-5474 $19,901 0.45 A, 0.69A FRB Custom Homes NO
116 Staton Ave,Ahoskie 5993-91-2045 $15,962 Lot Vaughan, Adelaide, Heirs YES
115 Staton Ave,Ahoskie 5993-91-1315, 5993-91-1289 $15,721 Lot Vaughan, Adelaide, Heirs YES
314 N Catherine Creek Rd, Ahoskie 5992-58-3910 $22,430 Lot Askew, Carolyn YES