Services and Programs


Education Programs Our office also provides numerous Environmental Education Programs to assist educators and organizations in promoting natural resource awareness in our developing community. Our programs include the coastal envirothon, Natural Resources Field Day for Hertford County 5th graders, Resource Conservation Workshops for rising seniors, Poster contest for Hertford County 4th graders, and Conservation Education to civic clubs or groups. If you would like to learn more about the education programs that we offer please contact our office.


N.C. Agricultural Cost Share Program (NCACSP) Non-point source pollution has been identified by the NC Division of Water Quality as the primary source of degradation of freshwater rivers and streams in North Carolina. The approach taken in North Carolina for addressing this pollution problem is by encouraging voluntary participation from the agriculture community to install Best Management Practices on their farms to reduce the amount of non-point pollution that leaves the site. The BMP's are supported with financial incentives, technical and educational assistance, research, and regulatory programs. The Cost Share Program is a reimbursement program that pays up to 75 % of the average cost for the installed BMP's while the farmer/landowner pays the remaining cost. Our cost share practices include vegetated field borders, grassed waterways, irrigation systems, conservation tillage, cropland conversion, poultry incinerators, water control structures, and much more. If you are interested in this program or would like a list of the Best Management Practices our program covers, please contact us.


N.C. Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) The Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) supports the installation of water quality best management practices on non-agricultural lands. This program is an innovative approach to controlling water quality impacts caused by stormwater runoff. The CCAP is intended to operate under the same guidance and accountability as the NC Agriculture Cost Share Program and achieve the same successes. CCAP will focus its efforts on retrofitting stormwater BMP's on property that has been developed at least three years. The CCAP program is to encourage governments, individual landowners, and businesses to incorporate stormwater BMP's within their landscape to aid in the improvement of water quality. The economic incentive is up to 75% of the average cost of installation. If you are interested in the CCAP program please contact our office.


Environmental Quality Incentives Programs (EQIP) Provides an opportunity for private land owners to receive technical and financial assistance with a wide range of land management practices on cropland, woodland, and livestock management areas.


Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) Provides an opportunity for private land owners to receive technical and financial assistance with the establishment and management of habitat for wildlife.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP and CREP) Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a program offering incentives for buffering perennial drainageways with trees. Incentives include an annual rental rate (~$100 per acre for up to fifteen years) and cost share to assist with planting the trees. The trees serve to buffer (filter) nutrients from the subsurface water moving towards the perennial drainageway. Eligible areas can be enrolled for ten years, fifteen years, thirty years or permanently. Acreage enrolled with a thirty-year or permanent easement also includes a bonus payment. If you are interested in this program please contact our office


 Other Services and Assistance

  • Hertford County soil surveys and soils information
  • Drainage and flood prevention assistance
  • Assistance on watershed inspections and maintenance
  • Provide technical assistance to planning boards and local government
  • Review of subdivision plans for drainage
Services that the Hertford Soil and Water Conservation District will not offer:

  • Conduct soil testing
  • Conduct water testing
  • Provide water hookups
  • Issue septic tank permits