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Enviva Pellets - Ahoskie

Originally founded by settlers drawn to the rich soil and our abundant natural resources, agriculture and the forestry related industry remain important to Hertford County's economy. Over twenty-two percent of the county's land is devoted to crops, such as tobacco, peanuts, corn, soybeans and cotton and over 65 percent of the county is forested. While agriculture and forestry products continue to play a significant role, manufacturing is becoming our economic backbone.

From printing...manufacturers have discovered that Hertford County is a profitable place to do business. Today, the availability of abundant water...reliable, low-cost electricity and talented, hard working human resources attracts businesses to Hertford County. With a labor force that numbers over 10,000 people we have the diversity to meet the needs of any business; and we have the resources to adapt to new technology.

Hertford County Manufacturers

 Firm  Location Product or Service  Employees  Year Est.
 Air Liquide  Cofield  Industrial Gases  3 1999
 Alfiniti Aluminum  Winton  Aluminum Tubes 105 1960
 Berry Plastics Corporation  Ahoskie  Pharmaceutical Closures 170 1986
 Bullet Printing  Murfreesboro  Commercial Printing  3 1991
 Britthenham Rebuilding  Ahoskie  Auto Parts Rebuilding 16 1971
 Commercial Ready Mix  Ahoskie  Concrete/Block/Pipe/Sand  9 1968
 Commercial Ready Mix  Cofield  Stone/Sand  45 1968
 Eddie Kane Steel  Ahoskie  Steel Service Center 13  2008
 Enviva Pellets Ahoskie, LLC  Ahoskie  Wood Pellets  53  2011
 Freeman Metal Products  Ahoskie  Metal Caskets 10 1974
 Golden Peanut  Ahoskie  Peanuts  3 1917
 Harrellsville Metal  Harrellsville  Machine Shop/Metal Buildings 14 1973
 Harsco Metals  Cofield  Crushed Slag  36 1999
 H. T. Jones Lumber  Ahoskie  Wooden Construction Products  31 1966
 Metal Tech of Murfreesboro  Murfreesboro  General Machine Shop  85 1971
 Narricot Industries  Murfreesboro  Nylon Strapping 15  2005
 Nucor Steel-Hertford  Cofield  Plate Steel  442 1999
 Perdue Farms, Inc.  Cofield  Feed 125 1975
 Revelle Agri Products  Murfreesboro  Agricultural Machinery  25 1978
 Revelle Builders  Murfreesboro  Metal Buildings  24 1965
 Revelle Grain Co.  Murfreesboro  Feed/Seed  4 1950
 Rose Brothers Paving  Murfreesboro  Asphalt Mix  49 1975
 Royster Mid-Atlantic  Murfreesboro  Blend Fertilizer  6 1978
 Stitch Count  Ahoskie  Embroidery  5 1987
 Structurals Coating - Hertford  Cofield  Steel Coatings  25  2012
 SunPower  Murfreesboro  Solar Power Generation 1  2011
 Wellons Energy Solutions  Cofield  Biomass Steam Generation  6  2011