VACANCY – Social Worker III – Foster Care/Adoptions/Licensure – CLOSED


POSITION TITLE: Social Worker III – Foster Care/Adoptions/Licensure

SALARY RANGE: $34,952.00 – $44,564.00




STARTING DATE: As soon as possible

Hertford County Employees Only

Qualified applicants must submit a completed State application (PD-107) and a copy of the college transcript (required) to:

Viola Benthall
Hertford County Social Services
P.O. Box 218
Winton, NC  27986
(252) 358-7830

*If you are not currently a Hertford County employee – you must submit your application through NC Works (Job Link)

The Hertford County Department of Social Services is recruiting for the following vacancyUntil Filled.

Social Worker III – Foster Care, Adoptions, Licensure

Hertford County Department of Social Services

Non-Hertford County Employees

Qualified applicants must submit a completed State application (PD-107) and a copy of the college transcript (required) to:

NC Works / Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS). Contact DWS for additional information and referral.

NC Works/Job Link
109 Community College Rd.
Ahoskie, NC  27910
Phone #          252-862-1257
Fax#                252-862-1270


Hertford County Department of Social Services

Social Worker III

Foster Care, Adoptions, Licensure


        The primary purpose of this position in the Children’s Services Unit is to recruit, train, license, and re-license foster homes, to serve as a placement specialist for the Children’s Services Unit, and to facilitate adoptions.  The primary purpose of the unit is to provide intensive services to children and their families in which abuse and/or neglect has been substantiated ultimately striving for permanence.  The Social Worker in this position is required to work with the unit as a team player accomplishing the team’s goals.   Other duties include receiving intake calls on abuse or neglect situations, investigating situations involving abuse and neglect, writing court summaries, and completing home studies.

The children served in this unit are between the ages of birth to eighteen whom have been reported and substantiated as being abused and/or neglected by their parent of caretakers.  The children may be physically injured or neglected and/or suffering emotional abuse. Foster care cases may be served until the age of twenty-one.

Children in foster care are in the custody of DSS.  These case managers provide overall services for foster children including placement and ensuring that their overall needs are being met.

The social worker in this position is responsible for these and any other duties or responsibilities assigned by their supervisor or by the director.

The worker spends approximately 50% of their time in the office.Paper work including the completion of forms, case studies, home studies, documentation for treatment services, investigative summary forms, letter to reporters, parents, court reports, etc. is completed in this office.  Also, other responsibilities in the office are the arrangements of services such as mental health counseling, medical examinations, etc.

Great accuracy is required.  If the worker is not accurate and complete in making thorough investigations, a child could be separated from their family unnecessarily or a child could remain in danger.  Intense mental concentration as well as visual accuracy and awareness is required at all times to assure all facts are gathered and recorded and correct decisions are made based on these facts.

The worker must subject him/herself to hazardous and dangerous situations, often in unsafe environments.  Investigations/assessments are usually conducted in client’s homes where clients are sometimes hostile and verbally abusive.  Social workers are required to take additional staff or law enforcement with them when they anticipate these situations.

This position does not require a lot of physical effort other than being able to enter structures with little or no steps, walking carefully in poorly maintained structures, protecting one’s self from dangerous situation, and lifting infants and children.

Our working hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Overtime is required when deemed necessary.  Workers are given one day of leave (in addition to regularly earned leave) for each week they are on beeper duty.  They also receive credit(s) for any hours actually worked after hours during these weeks.  Workers are encouraged to take the overtime worked off within the same pay period in which it is earned.

All employees of the Department of Social Services are expected to work shelter duty in the event of a disaster.


Master’s degree from an accredited school of Social Work and one year of Social Work or counseling experience; or a bachelor’s degree from and accredited school of social work and two years of social work or counseling experience; or a master’s degree in a counseling field and two years of social work or counseling ; or four year degree in a human services field or related curriculum including at least 15 semester  hours in courses related to social work or counseling and three years of social work or counseling experience; or graduation from a four year college or university and four years of experience in Rehabilitation counseling, Pastoral counseling, or a related human services field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work, or community organization; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

No special license or certification is required.


This position has specific responsibilities that require certain knowledge, skills, and abilities.  They include, but are not limited to:

The ability to communicate effectively, appropriately, and professionally with others including clients and other agency representatives.Basic social work skills.The ability to enhance people’s problem-solving capabilities.The ability to assess problems and collect data.The ability to establish goals and negotiate contracts.The ability to handle stressful situations and make informed, appropriate decisions.  The ability to assess whether neglect and/or abuse has occurred and to evaluate whether or not it is safe for a child to remain in the home.  The ability to interview people from various professions and diverse socio-economic and ethnic groups.The ability to maintain accurate and organized records.The ability to work together with co-workers as a team player.A basic knowledge of child development.The ability to communicate well with children on different age appropriate levels.The ability to speak in a prepared and professional manner to groups and civic clubs with the purposing of educating them on Foster Care, Adoption and Child Abuse issues.The ability to prepare lesson plans and conduct a classroom setting.The ability to use a telephone, cellular phone, beeper, copying machine, fax machine and computer.A valid North Carolina driver’s license.

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