POSITION TITLE:                                                                                          Social Worker III/APS
                                                                                                                        (Will consider Social Worker
SALARY RANGE:                                                                                           $34,952.00 – $44,564.00                                                                                                                 
$23,657 – Social Worker Trainee*
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:                                                                  See Attached
APPLICATION DEADLINE:                                                                            Tuesday, August 14, 2018
STARTING DATE:                                                                                         As soon as possible
Qualified applicants must submit a completed State application (PD-107) to:
Edna Williams
Hertford County Social Services
P. O. Box 218
Winton, NC  27986
(252) 358-7830
*If you are not currently a Hertford County employee – you must submit your application through NC Works (Job Link)
The Hertford County Department of Social Services is recruiting for the following vacancy August 7, 2018.
Social Worker III (SW III)
Adult/Child Services Unit
Hertford County Department of Social Services
Primary Purpose of Position
This is an important program with the potential to provide a choice of living arrangements for elderly and disabled adults. The purpose of the Special Assistance/In Home (SA/IH) Program is to help low income adults meet their basic needs.  It is the role of the case manager to assess the individual’s strengths and needs.
If the individual is receiving services from an area mental health program, the Adult Service Case Manager (CM) and the area program will work together in developing a service plan with the client.  After the assessment, the Case Manager develops a service plan with the client and his/her family which builds on the client’s strengths and needs.
In addition to the Special Assistance/In Home payment and case management, the client Case Manager oversees the provision of payments and services to Special Assistance/In Home clients.  The amount of case management provided is based on the needs of the individual client and fluctuate from month to month. 
Case Manager (CM) is to monitor client’s continued need for services.  It is important that the CM coordinate the assessment and service planning activities with the SA/IH case worker.  Service plans are to be reviewed at least quarterly to assure the continued need for payment and services or to modify plan as needed.  CM arranges services to get the maximum benefit for the client.  At least monthly contact is required with the client, or family member, or service providers to review the provision of payments and services.
A good working relationship with the client’s physician and the physician’s staff benefits all involved with the client’s care.  CM needs to help the physician understand how SA/IH and related services will support the client as well as the physician’s efforts to provide the best care for the client.  SA/IH and related services may help reduce hospitalizations, allow earlier discharges, and permit clients to live at home.  CM should briefly and clearly let the physician know what SA/IH and related services offer the client.  CM is to keep the physician informed about the client’s SA/IH service plan.  CM is to let the physician know and periodically remind the physician of your role. The CM knows what is available in the community, will often be a “problem-solver” for the physician.  CM should communicate in a clear and straightforward             manner; using short narratives with short sentences or phrases – something the physician can quickly and easily comprehend.  CM should establish themselves as a provider of information and a source of help, not a sender of forms to sign.  When the CM has to get a form signed, there should be a brief note that lets the physician know why the request is being made and how it relates to the client. 
The CM completes an annual reassessment to determine if the client remains appropriate for SA/IH.  
The annual reassessment should be completed prior to the end of the 12 month certification period. The SA/IH caseworker generally begins the review in the 10th or 11th month to ensure adequate time to complete the eligibility re-determination review and send notice prior to any changes.  The SA (Medicaid) caseworker is notified on the case management report of the upcoming re-determinations and should notify the CM of this date.  It is important to coordinate the annual reassessment with the SA caseworker.
Other Work Characteristics –  The social worker spends about 25% of the time in the office.  The social worker must be accurate in monitoring the provision of services by other agencies so that Medicaid can be billed.  Intense mental concentration is required in doing assessments, developing plans of care, monitoring services, responding to crisis situations, etc. 
The worker uses a car, calculator, copier, computer, fax machine, scanner, and telephone frequently.
Work hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Occasionally the worker may need to work past 5:00pm to resolve a problem before leaving for the day.  The worker will be required to do emergency beeper Duty approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, 24 hours a day, for an entire 7- day week.  Holiday coverage is also required.  Worker may also be called to man emergency shelter during disasters.  Conferring with law enforcement, legal, medical, mental health and judicial personnel toward the alleviation of child abuse, neglect and dependency are responsibilities of this position.  Consultation with hospitals, schools and other agencies is necessary in providing for in-home services.  Representation on the Intensive Family Preservation Advisory Board is a function of this position. 
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience Required – The worker will need the ability to speak and write clearly, convey information to others and respond appropriately in emotional or crisis situations.  Organizational skills are essential to meet designated responsibilities and to function under stress. Worker also need the ability to recognize when he/she needs help and to seek assistance or consultation from Supervisor or Director.
Required Minimum Education
Master’s degree from an accredited school of social work and one year of social work experience; or a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of social work and two years of social work or counseling experience; or Master’s degree in a counseling field and two years of social work or counseling experience; or a four-year degree in a human services field or related curriculum and three years of social work or counseling experience; or graduation from a four-year college or university and four years of experience in rehabilitation counseling, pastoral counseling or a related human service field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work or community organization; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
One year of work experience can be credited for completion of the social work collaborative.
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