VACANCY – Income Maintenance Caseworker II (Family & Children Medicaid) (Frozen Until Further Notice)

POSITION TITLE:  Income Maintenance Caseworker II  (Will Consider Work Against IMC I)
SALARY RANGE:  $26,083.00 – $33,255.00 (IMC II)  $23,657.00 – $30,163.00 (IMC I w/a)
STARTING DATE:  As soon as possible
Hertford County Employees Only
Qualified applicants must submit a completed State application (PD-107) to:
Edna Williams
Hertford County Social Services
P.O. Box 218
Winton, NC  27986
(252) 358-7830
*If you are not currently a Hertford County employee – you must submit your application through NC Works (Job Link)
The Hertford County Department of Social Services is recruiting for the following vacancy January 26, 2018.
Non-Hertford County Employees
Qualified applicants must submit a completed State application (PD-107) to:
NC Works / Division of Workforce Solutions (DWS). Contact DWS for additional information and referral.
NC Works
109 Community College Rd.
Ahoskie, NC  27910
Phone #          252-862-1257
Fax#                252-862-1270
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
Family & Children Medicaid
Hertford County Department of Social Services
The primary purpose of this position is to determine Medicaid eligibility by initial intake and reviewing of ongoing cases.  The process requires gathering and verifying required information.  The Income Maintenance Caseworker interviews prospective public assistance applicant(s), and provides program information and makes referrals as applicable.
This position requires worker to know basic laws, policies, procedures and regulations and to apply them accurately.  The caseload for this position ranges from 550 to 650.
This position is responsible for the following programs:
  1. MAF-C-N-M: Medicaid to Families with Dependent Children
  2. MAF-D: Medicaid Family Planning Program (FPP)
  3. MAF-W: Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid
  4. MIC: Medicaid to Infants and Children
  5. MIC-1: Medicaid to Infants and Children above 150% poverty level
  6. MPW: Medicaid for Pregnant Women
  7. NCHC: North Carolina Health Choice for Children
  8. IAS-HSF: Adoption Subsidy and Foster Care
  9. Carolina ACCESS Managed Care Program
  10. Energy Programs (LIEAP and CIP)
  11. Food Pantry
The main function of the position and percentage of time spent on each function:  Interviewing applications for intake and reviewing, verifying information application and reviewing processing, determining and re-determining eligibility decision making, Case Management of assigned caseload case file documentation and maintenance of files, record keeping and training Administrative Day Sheets, completion of Time and Attendance and Other/Miscellaneous Duties (this worker is required to perform reasonable duties as requested by Supervisor or Director.
Examples of duties performed:
Interviewing clients
Keeping abreast of other programs within the agency and available community/regional resources and ability to interpret these to applicants
Computation of budgets to determine eligibility for assistance
Verification of income, residence, ownership of property, etc.
Understanding the law relative to fraud, ability to testify in court.
Explain various programs of assistance to applicants and the public
Coordinate with other units, agencies and organizations such as the hospital, Health Department and Child Support
Enforcement, Employment Security Commission, Food Bank, Social Security Administration.
Maintain statistical information and computer generated forms
Ability to comprehend and the use of computer technology
The worker in this position may interview, determine and re-determine eligibility for clients seeking medical assistance for Family and Children Medicaid, LIEAP, CIP, and Food Pantry. The worker is this position is also responsible for giving medical assistance for children in county custody, foster care and special needs adoption.  They have to maintain their caseloads and do reviews every 6 or 12 months.  The worker will also do presumptive eligibility, Foster Care and adoption Medicaid.  The worker is responsible for interviewing clients for assessment of all Medicaid programs to obtain required information to complete the initial application process.  The worker is responsible for explaining the rules of the programs.  Worker must make thorough inquiry of applicant(s)/recipient(s) reserve and income.  Worker must secure information pertaining to client’s bank account(s), life insurance, and personal property insurance.  Other types of information needed are client identity, citizenship status, residence, health insurance, Medicaid status, Social Security number and medical bills.
This job involves constant contact with the public.  This job consists of interviewing and taking applications for public assistance programs offered by the Department of Social Services.  The person in this position maintains and manages an ongoing caseload, does reviews monthly, and is responsible for making all necessary changes to the ongoing cases.  The Income Maintenance Caseworker II is required to work very closely with all other agencies, federal, state and local as necessary to complete required assignments.  Home visits are made for cases that should be investigated more thoroughly or in situations where client is unable to come to the office and mail-in application is not appropriate.  The Income Maintenance Caseworker II is required at the time of the client’s interview to ask appropriate questions to determine the client’s eligibility for public assistance and to work very closely with any other unit of the agency.
The caseworker has to be thorough and careful that information needed is understood by client or representative in order to get accurate information to determine/re-determine eligibility.  The worker must have adequate knowledge of other programs within the agency and programs of other public agencies in order to make client referrals for other needs they may have outside of the agency’s specific programs.  There are occasions that the worker may need to go to the residence to do applications or reviews when there is no representative.
In addition to above duties, the person in this caseworker position is responsible for interviewing the clients in private living arrangements and to make the initial sign up of a primary care provider in the Carolina ACCESS Managed Care program is appropriate and make changes of the primary care physicians at the client’s request.
The worker in this position takes and process applications according to guidelines set by the State and Federal governments.  The worker must plan and process reviews on a monthly basis to re-determine eligibility.  Some cases must be reviewed every six months and others every 12 months.  The worker uses the computer inquiry system to help determine eligibility.  Case maintenance changes that occur in a caseload are this worker’s responsibility and must be acted on timely.
The individual in this position would rarely represent the agency in court, but if necessary would be required to testify in court on cases that have been referred for suspected fraud and where fraud investigations have resulted in court hearings.  The case worker would be expected to be alert to suspected fraud and to suspicious situations and would make referrals of suspected fraud to the Fraud Investigator.
The individual in this position is expected to maintain the confidentiality of all agency records.  Failure to adhere to provision of the Privacy Act could result in lawsuits against the agency and the individual and further disciplinary action.
The caseworker must have the ability and knowledge to refer clients to the various agencies in the county, i.e., the Health Department, Food Bank and other community programs.  The person must be available to answer questions and explain the Medicaid programs, CIP, LIEAP, and Food Pantry program to interested individuals and the general public.
Knowledge, Skills/Abilities, Education & Experience Requirements – The minimum level of education for this position is a high school diploma, but other skills such as those listed above are needed to       perform this job with accuracy.  A formal education beyond high school would not fully prepare this individual for performing this position.  Previous experience dealing with the general public helps to relate to client needs and to be able to make appropriate referrals.  Basic background knowledge of computer technology and mathematical skills to complete complex budgets and deductibles is required.  Experience in making prudent judgment in many types of situations is needed.  A worker needs a minimum of three years of experience working with the public and working with deadlines and policies.  No specific job license is required for this position.
The Income Maintenance Caseworker in this position is required to have a valid North Carolina driver’s license.  In addition, this person must have access to dependable transportation and access to a working telephone for which the number can be made available to the agency.
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