Boards and Commissions

The Board of Commissioners welcomes your interest in Hertford County Government and believes that the County is better served when there is a broad representation of volunteer Hertford County Citizens on our boards and commissions.  It is the Board’s desire to reflect wide-range participation in appointments, including male and female, persons from all geographic areas of the county and persons representing diverse racial and age groups.  Some boards and commissions are created by the authority of the NC General Statutes and may require designated skills or training as specified by regulation.  In such cases, the Board of County Commissioners must appoint persons who meet those guidelines.  Reappointment is not guaranteed and subject to state statute, Board policy, or the Board’s decision in a particular instance.

Click on the arrows below to read more about the purpose, authority and membership of the boards and commissions on which citizens of our area can serve.  Again, the participation of citizens in Hertford County government takes many forms and is an integral part of our decision-making process.

Albemarle Regional Library Board of TrusteesThe Albemarle Regional Library is organized and shall be operated within the framework of North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160A.  By-Laws

ABC BoardThe Hertford County ABC Board exercise authority over the administration, real estate, personnel and retail sales of liquor in Hertford County. The Hertford County ABC Board which operates three (3) stores in Hertford County is an independent unit of government and its members are expected to be good stewards of public funds and to maintain the safe and orderly sale of liquor. More Information

CADA, Inc.Purpose: To promote, through regional cooperation, the industrial, agricultural, recreational, educational, general economic well-being, and health and welfare of the citizens of Bertie, Halifax, Hertford, Martin, and Northampton counties. By-Laws

CPTA, Inc.The Choanoke Public Transportation Authority (hereafter Called the Authority) is a body corporate and politic created by joint resolution of the Boards of Commissioners of Bertie, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton Counties for the purpose of meeting the public transportation needs in the four-county area. The enabling legislation is Article 25 of Chapter 160A of the General Statutes of North Carolina.By-Laws

Economic Development CommissionThe purpose of the Hertford County Economic Development Advisory Board is to function in an advisory capacity to the Hertford County Board of Commissioners to encourage and assist in the development and expansion of businesses in Hertford County that will increase the Tax Base of Hertford County and create additional quality job opportunities for the residents of Hertford County. By-Laws

Hertford County E911 Governance BoardPurpose, Duties, and Membership: The Hertford County E911 Governance Board's objectives shall be: to provide advisory administrative oversight of the joint E911 Communications’ Agency charged with providing and maintaining a consolidated public safety communications system within Hertford County serving both the Towns and County. This system will promote the delivery of public safety services in furtherance of the public health, safety and general welfare of Hertford County citizens and residents. Appointments by the Hertford County Board of Commissioners with the exception of the Citizen at large, who is appointed by the Advisory Board.  By-Laws

Joint Community Advisory CommitteePurpose, Duties, and Membership: The Hertford County Joint Community Advisory Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Community Advisory Committee,was established in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes, G.S. 131D-31, to work to maintain the spirit of the Residents Bill of Rights as well as promote community involvement and cooperation .with adult care, family care and nursing homes to ensure quality care for the elderly and disabled. State law defines the duties and the appointment, by the County Commissioners, of the Advisory Committee members.

Jury CommissionAppointed in each county, three members, one by the senior regular resident superior court judge, one member by the clerk of superior court, and one member y the board of the county commissioners. General Statute

*Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control

Library BoardThe mission of the Board shall be to advise in the development and provision of library services to all citizens of its funding agency.By-Laws

*Medical Services Transportation Advisory Council"

Mid-East CommissionThe Commission is designed for the purpose of providing a continuous program of comprehensive assistance to the Region. This includes the areas of human services (Aging, Emergency Services, Workforce Development and Senior Community Services Project), as well as economic and community development, general technical assistance, and other activities deemed appropriate by its member governments. In pursuit of this general overall objective, the Commission shall prepare studies and plans designed to promote, with the greatest efficiency, the coordinated orderly development and growth of the Region. The Commission shall promote intergovernmental cooperation in establishing a framework for joint Federal, State and local efforts in a program of regional development. The Commission shall work closely with local governing bodies and the private sector in providing those services needed to strengthen the economic base of the Region.  By-Laws



* Murfreesboro Planning Board

Northern Regional Advisory BoardTrillium Health Resources is a public entity and local political subdivision of the State of North Carolina, incorporated according to the laws of the State.  Trillium Health Resources is the successor entity resulting from the merger of East Carolina Behavioral Health (ECBH) and CoastalCare Area Authorities.  This organization shall be called the Northern Regional Advisory Board (hereinafter called Regional Advisory Board). By-Laws

Parks and Recreation Advisory CommissionDuties and Responsibilities:  (a) The parks and recreation advisory commission shall serve as the advisory body for the county's parks and recreation activities. The commission shall suggest policies to the county within its powers and responsibilities as stated in this article. The commission shall serve as the liaison between the county, the towns and citizens of the community. The commission shall consult with and advise the Board of Commissioners and County Manager on matters affecting parks and recreation policies, program, personnel, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and
properties related to the total community parks and recreation program, and to its long-range projected programs. (b) Make recommendations for the establishment of a system of supervised parks and recreation for the county. (c) Assist in monitoring events for compliance with county rules and regulations. (d) Advise and assist in recruiting new or additional events that may be beneficial to the community. By-Laws

Planning Board and Zoning Board of AdjustmentAuthority / Purpose: The Hertford County Planning Board was established by the Hertford County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on January 3, 1966 as authorized under General Statute 153. The Hertford County Zoning Board of Adjustment was established by the Hertford County Board of Commissioners in 1970 as authorized under General Statute 153. The Planning and Zoning Department administers Hertford County’s Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, Mobile Home Park Ordinance and County Land Use Plan. This department is responsible for helping to educate the public on regulations pertaining to land use issues. These ordinances serve to protect and promote health, safety, morals or general welfare of Hertford County, and its citizens.

* RCCC Board of Trustees

Region Q Workforce Development BoardWorkforce Development Boards have been established in each Local Area as a means of enhancing the partnership concept and addressing workforce issues and businesses labor needs at the local level. Planning for workforce development programs under WIOA is accomplished at the regional level through the Region Q Workforce Investment Consortium Workforce Development Board.  By-laws

* Regional Housing Authority & Redevelopment Com.

Social Services BoardThe primary role of the county social services board is to provide effective, responsible, and accountable public oversight and direction of the county social services department and to advise local government officials with respect to the development of policies and plans to improve social conditions in the county.More Information

* Tri-County Airport Authority

Veterans Advisory CouncilThe purpose of the Council is to establish a forum for all Hertford County veterans of military service; to maintain coordinated communication with County and local governments, businesses, and veterans of the County; and to provide assistance, guidance, and information to the business and academic communities of the County and various levels of government to ensure adequate consideration of veterans in employment, education, training and public programs. By-laws

Voluntary Agricultural District Advisory Board The purpose of this ordinance is to promote agricultural values and general welfare of the county and more specifically, increase identity and pride in the agricultural community and its way of life; encourage the economic and financial health of agriculture; and increase protection from non-farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms. By-laws





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