Hertford County Citizen Award

The Hertford County Board of Commissioners recently approved the implementation of the Hertford County Citizen Award, beginning this year, 2016.  Nominations for this award will be accepted beginning August 1 through September 21, 2016.  If you would be interested in serving on the Hertford County Citizen Award Nomination Committee, please download the Application for Boards and submit it to Shelia W. Matthews, Clerk to the Board.

Application for Board


Hertford County Citizen Award

The Citizen Award may be awarded to a citizen that meets the criteria of the award. All applications for the award must be submitted to the nomination committee that is approved by the County Commissioners.

Nomination Committee will be appointed by the Commissioners to serve staggered terms — (4) two-year terms and (3) one-year terms; no member will be eligible to serve consecutive terms after it expires, but may be eligible for reappointment after two years. A (7) seven-member committee will review and make recommendations to the Commissioners for final approval. One (1) Commissioner can serve a two-year term; after term expires another Commissioner will be appointed that will serve a two-year term.

The award is established to recognize local citizens that have made or have a significant impact in the town or county. Nominees must be a resident and applicable volunteer and service activities that must have taken place in Hertford County.

Award should only be presented to nominees that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the community through service and volunteerism in six categories including:

  1. Community Service
  2. Education
  3. Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety
  4. National Service
  5. Youth or Senior Citizens
  6. Business and Corporate Engagement

Nominations will be accepted August 1 through September 21, annually. Awards shall be presented in December or at a time deemed necessary by the Board of Commissioners after the September deadline.

Eligible Applicants

*Service or volunteerism must have taken place in Hertford County

*Must have 15 or more years of service in the categories; nominee is being recommended in more than one category, must have 15 years of applicable service

*Current county employees are not eligible *Current elected officials are not eligible

*Deceased county residents cannot be nominated

*Nominee must be recommended by an individual and/or group

*Evidence of service may be asked for verification

*Letter of recommendation must be submitted with completed application

National Service:

Individuals nominated must be county citizens who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to volunteerism and service with a national service capacity or program, i.e. AmeriCorps and its affiliates


Individuals nominated must be a county citizen who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to supporting education through volunteerism and service

Youth and Senior Citizens:

Service to youth or citizens that have made a significant impact in the county

Corporate and Business Engagement:

For-profit corporations or entity nominated must operate in the county and have demonstrated exemplary commitment to employee volunteer’s engagement or philanthropy in the county for 15 years.

Community Service:

Individuals nominated must be county citizens and demonstrated exemplary commitment to their neighborhood, town through volunteerism and service.

Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety:

Demonstrated exemplary service in emergency preparedness and public safety through volunteerism and service.

Please click on the following link to open the .pdf application :


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