Safety Board Minutes – 2013




June 11th, 2013

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Mike Bradley (Public Works), James Broglin (EMS), Davey Gaston (Public Buildings), Chris Smith (EM/Fire Marshal/Safety), Sara Turner (Land Records), Paul Vaughan (Inspections), and Raymond Eure (Sheriff’s Office – LE)

Absent:  Holly Brooks (HR/Risk Management), Viola Benthall (DSS), Richard Tann (Sheriff’s Office – Detention) and Loria Williams (County Manager)

Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.


Chris began the meeting by reviewing minutes from last meeting by giving updates.


Old Business


Pending Issues from March Old Business was discussed.

  • Fire Extinguishers – Mike Needs (7) additional for new trucks and equipment, Davey to   mount (5) in DSS cars
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Revision – Still in process
  • MSDS – Updates & Additions, Keep staff informed of availability and location
  • Fleet Management Policy – No action taken
  • Appliances in office – Tabled due to Holly’s absence
  • First Aid Kits – if supplies are needed contact Chris. They are checked during inspections.


New Business


Review of accidents – No Action due to Holly’s absence.


County Building Inspections – Getting ready to start back through all buildings.


Training – Chris advised the group if specific departmental training is needed to let him know. There is training DVDs available to the group and will be posted on the website for department to review and select its needs. EMS just used the lifting techniques DVD in house.


Next Meeting July 30, 2013


The meeting was adjourned.




July 29, 2013
2:30 P.M.

Safety Committee Members Present: No Attendance taken for this meeting.

Chris Smith welcomed everyone and opened the meeting by reviewing the minutes from the meeting.

Pending Issues (Old Business)

New Workmen’s Compensation

Holly stated that Halifax Works Occupational Health Provider became our new providers effective July 1, 2013. Anyone who gets hurt will seek this new provider for treatment. They are located in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Forms are on the website.


Paul Vaughan raised a question about dog spray and Insect spray. It was determined that any chemicals used in daily business must be in the MSDS Binder. Contact the distributor/vendor and request the MSDS for dog spray and insect spray.


Chris will be leading an upcoming Safety/Hazard training session on August 28, 2013 in the Commissioners board room.

New Business

In Car Emergency Driving

A discussion was held regarding In Car Emergency Driving Training. Additional research will be completed and subject matter will discussed at the next meeting.

Defensive Driving

Chris shared that all employees who drive a county vehicle will attend a mandatory one hour defensive training class. Tentative Gerald Honeyblue will teach a class in August/ September. The topics are Emergency Response, Vehicle Safety class. There will be three more defensive classes with Gerald Honeyblue.

Fire Evacuation Plan/ Storm Shelter

A preliminary discussion was held on storm shelter location/shelter in place locations. It has not yet been determined for each building. Chris continues to make those determinations building by building. This subject along with how employees would know where their location and “Call Down Procedure/Accountability will be discussed at the next meeting.

General Safety Precaution

Davey stated Hertford County is continuing to have problems with employees bringing aerosol spray from home. The current safety policy does not address aerosol spray usage by employee. The question was raised as to whether or not aerosol spray products are addressed in the general safety policy. More research will be completed and findings will be brought to the next meeting.

Chris gave final thoughts.

The next safety meeting is scheduled for September 30, 2013.                                        \

The meeting was adjourned.




September 30, 2013
9:30 A.M.

Safety Committee Members Present: Viola Benthall (DSS), Mike Bradley (Public Works, James Broglin (EMS), Holly Brooks (Human Resources/ Risk Management), Raymond Eure (Sheriff’s Office –LE) (Davey Gaston (Public Buildings), Chris Smith (Emergency Management), Richard Tann (Sheriff’s Department), Sara Turner (Land Records) Paul Vaughan (Inspections), Loria Williams (Administration)

Others Present: Betty Williams (Admin.)

Chris Smith welcomed everyone and opened the meeting by reviewing the previous    minutes.

Pending Issues (Old Business)

Blood Borne Pathogens

Chris informed everyone that the new Blood Borne Pathogens Policy has been placed online. He informed everyone this is the new revision we are now using. A Blood Borne Pathogen training class will be held in November.

Workmen’s Compensation

Holly informed the committee that “Halifax Works” our new provider of medical services is working out well, our. They are located in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Anyone hurt on the job will now seek treatment from this company.


In the last meeting, Paul Vaughan (Inspections) raised a question as whether data for dog repellant and insect spray was needed for MSDS. It was determined this information was needed. It has been place in the MSDS Binder located in the county manager’s office as well as in the main binder Chris maintains.

Safety/Hazardous Communications

Chris stated that Hazardous Communications Training is being offered in November. This will be the last opportunity for this year those who could not make the last training. An email will be sent out in advance.

Emergency Response Training

Holly stated that the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Risk Pool has just released a good video on demand.  One of the videos is entitled “Driving   for Emergency Personnel”. It becomes available in October. A question was raised by Chris if the video meets the criteria? James and Holly will investigate further and bring findings to the next meeting. There is also a class for In Car/In Service Emergency Driving and Defensive Driving. Tentative Gerald Honeyblue will teach the classes. Holly will put together a training schedule. James will schedule his staff to watch the “Driving for Emergency Personnel” video in October.

Fire Evacuation/Storm Shelter

Chris noted that the fire escape plans are still being researched as well as the process of establishing a “shelter in place”.  He further stated that there must be accountability plan created in this process. Further discussion was held on this subject.  Holly was assigned to research how some other municipalities have implemented evacuation plans/ shelter in place plans. The question was raised by Ms. Williams if evacuation plan coincides with the evacuation route.  Specific research will be completed

General Safety Precautions

Holly stated there is still a problem with the use by employees of aerosol spray cans brought from home. The question was raised if the use of or prohibition of aerosol spray cans language is in the general safety procedures. Chris explained the correct process. The committee agreed and Ms. Williams concurred that the safety policy will be revised stating that employees are not permitted to bring aerosol air freshening products from home.  It was noted that this needs to be a part of the general and safety rules out to new employees. Ms. Williams shared the importance of safety and therefore decided safety committee minutes will be attached to the department heads meeting minutes. Ms. Williams further stated that at least once a quarter or as needed department heads will discuss safety matters. The safety meeting minutes from July 29th and September 30th will be given out at the Senior Management Team Meeting (department heads meeting) on October 9, 2013.

New Business


Holly informed the committee of the implementation of Global Humanization System (GHS). Holly shared that in addition MSDS will have a new name called the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This will become effective December 1, 2013. In addition to the name change, there will be pictograms.  Chris and Holly are preparing a blitz schedule of mandatory training for all employees. The NCACC will be providing sample training slides and handouts. Some examples are attached.


The NCACC pool has also just issued a video on “Lock Out/Tag Out”.

The training video may be viewed twice within a seven day period. The question was raised by Ms. Williams of how this process would work for emergencies. This subject was discussed. Chris met with Davey and Officer Tann (after the meeting to get them set up for the training video).


Chris commended the safety committee on their efforts in identifying and resolving safety issues. In light of a recent fall at the jail, Chris recommended that Capt. Tann’s staff review the Slip/ Trip & Fall video. He also stated that progress is being made in bringing things up to date. Capt. Tann expressed concern over a switch plate cover in the Detention Center control room. It has been identified in his state detention center audit two times. The jail inspector will be visiting again in February, 2014. It would be a serious violation for Hertford County to be written up for a third time for this issue. Chris raised this matter to an urgent level and recommended that Davey and Capt. Tann put a contingency plan in place immediately following the meeting.

Infection Control


A discussion was held on newly hired employees asking about taking the Hepatitis and TB shot.  Chris informed the committee that at present there is no policy in place for preventive measures for vaccination or immunization shots. Holly reported to the committee that after speaking with Hertford County Health Department, there is low incidence of TB in this county. It was also noted that the health department is responsible for notifying persons who may have been exposed to TB. Therefore Hertford County is not obligated to offer to non-risk new hires any immunizations. In addition non-risk new hires have no job related reason to be immunized against Hepatitis B. Chris and the committees discussed the county’s responsibility for Infection Control for new hires. A subcommittee will be assigned by Chris. It was determined that all incoming detention center guards must be screened for TB.

Fleet Management

A continued discussion was held on automobile maintenance. All committee members felt that maintenance is an issue. Holly is working on revising a draft for the Fleet Management policy which Commissioners rejected in the prior fiscal year. Mrs. Williams requested the “best practice norms” be a part of Holly’s research. The committee was asked for input on their areas of concern. Some of the concerns mentioned were high mileage on vehicles, maintenance issues, and safety issues such as tires. Chris mentioned a form that was used by the State. It was also noted there will be a daily fleet check off for vehicles. Chris will provide Holly with a copy. There was also a discussion on having a maintenance mechanic for maintaining county vehicles. At present more research is needed. The question was raised as to what is the outcome for vehicle management, what components need to be implemented.

In Car Service

Raymond Eure stated that he had knowledge of a vendor that could teach In Car/ In Service Emergency Driving at the rate of $300.00 per person. Chris stated that this training must be completed once every 3 years in order to receive highest score level of safety credit worksheet.

Chris gave final thoughts and opened the floor for final comments. The next meeting is scheduled for be Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

The meeting was adjourned.







November 19, 2013
9:30 A.M.

Safety Committee Members Present: Viola Benthall (DSS), Mike Bradley (Public Works, James Broglin (EMS), Holly Brooks (Human Resources/ Risk Management), Raymond Eure (Sheriff’s Office –LE) (Davey Gaston (Public Buildings), Chris Smith (Emergency Management), Richard Tann (Sheriff’s Department), Sara Turner (Land Records) Paul Vaughan (Inspections), Loria Williams (Administration)


Absent: Loria Williams (Administration)

Others Present: Betty Williams (Admin.)

Chris welcomed everyone and reviewed previous minutes.


Workmen’s Compensation


Chris stated t the process is working well.




Chris informed everyone for Safety Training for Fire Extinguishers and Blood Borne Pathogens will be held November 20, 2013. He will also check with HASCOM to get them to complete SDS Training in place. Davey Gaston has the link.


Emergency Response Training


In the absence of a Human Resource Director, Driver’s Training is in the process stages. Chris has been given some information for driving for emergency personnel.


Fire Evacuation/ Shelter Place


Fire evacuation and shelter in place are still in the research and progress stages.




Chris stated that he is not aware of any accidents.




New Business


Safety Policy Manual


Chris stated presented the revised changes for the Safety and Health Program, Safety Program & Policies Manual. The new revisions were reviewed with the safety committee. They are as follows:

B. Safety Committee –page 6

D. Inspections was clarified- page 6

F. Basic Safety Rules- no personal aerosols added –Page 8

Revised the Training subjects


II Safety Orientation & Training – Condensed- Page 9

Personal Protective Equipment requirements (Each department head is required to give training their perspective staff with specific guidelines for employees completing specific task)-Page 10


III. Control Hazards

  • Inspections –Each department head is responsible for making sure their work areas are safe based on the policies.

This statement was added. Supervisors and department heads: Continuously in area of responsibility and not in conjunction with others listed inspections. Page 10

Follow Up on Concerns – Any corrected actions made by department heads will be documented on the form that has been given and held in one location.  Sara gave a suggestion to have a password protected option. Chris stated that he will research this further and discuss this at the next meeting. (Page 10) This was discussed at length by the committee.


The Hertford County Building Inspection form was deleted. Page 11

Chris stated that Emergency Procedures is of great concern. If there is any emergency Please call is 911 first.  911 have to be put on every phone.  Page 12


Evacuation to Shelter in Place

Emergency Procedures are to be shared with employees by the department heads the location of designated places for their area.  A discussion was held at length on the subject.


E. Hazardous Weather Alert was changed to Warnings. Page 13

Notifications should be used by all means- TV, radio and internet.


Christ stated that he will speak with Ms Williams for A. Means of Reporting Emergencies

Everyone was in agreement with the new revisions added. Chris gave final comments.

The next meeting will be Monday, January 27, 2014 at 9:30 A.M.




The meeting was adjourned.