Safety Board Minutes – 2012




January 31, 2012

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Viola Benthall, Davey Gaston, Carolyn Pearce, John Rankins, Chris Smith, Paul Vaughan, and Loria Williams


Absent:  James Broglin, Tim Lassiter, Melvin Nichols, and Richard Tann


Others Present:  Shelia Matthews and Sara Turner


Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.


No discussion was needed for the minutes from January 26, 2010.


The 2011 Summary for Incidents/Accidents was reviewed.


Under Old Business, an Accident Review Board was appointed for one year consisting of Sara Turner, Chris Smith, and John Rankins.


Discussions under New Business consisted of:


  • Putting      Safety Program and Policies Manual on website
  • Building      Inspection Form discussion – go from quarterly to semi-annually
  • Department      Head and Supervisor training for accident/incident reporting
  • Safety      Committee will meet bimonthly
  • Emphasis      on making sure everyone is using the most up-to-date forms
  • Self-audit      of workplace environment (conducted by Department Heads)


The next Safety Committee Meeting will be held March 27, 2012, at 9:30 a.m.






March 27, 2012

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Viola Benthall, James Broglin, Davey Gaston,  Tim Lassiter, Melvin Nichols, Carolyn Pearce, John Rankins, Chris Smith, Paul Vaughan, and Loria Williams


Absent:   Richard Tann and Loria Williams


Others Present:  Shelia Matthews and Sara Turner


Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.


Some discussion was held on the Safety Policy.  One significant change was the inspection of buildings will be conducted semiannually instead of quarterly.


Trainings are being scheduled for Bloodborne Pathogen, Lockout/Tagout, and Accident Investigation.


The Safety Policy and safety-related forms will be available on the website.


Hertford County is looking into having one doctor to handle our Workers’ Compensation claims.


Discussion was held regarding listing specific departmental training under the Job Safety Training topic on page 9 of the Safety Policy.


Most of the accidents during the previous year were driving accidents.  A lot of discussion was held concerning disciplinary actions (i.e. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offenses; driver at fault; multiple accidents per employee; seriousness of accident; etc.).  Defensive driving classes will be held for prevention and possibly a more in-depth class later on as a form of disciplinary action.


All vehicles should have fire extinguishers and first aid kits (and possibly flares).  Each department will be held responsible for purchasing these items.  More training is needed for the operation of fire extinguishers.


Having first aid kits in departments was questioned.  Chris Smith will check into this and report back at the next meeting.





June 28, 2012

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Viola Benthall, James Broglin, Davey Gaston, John Rankins, Chris Smith, Sara Turner, Paul Vaughan, and Loria Williams


Absent:  Tim Lassiter, Carolyn Pearce, and Richard Tann


Others Present:  Shelia Matthews


Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.


All trainings have been completed.  Defensive Driving and Bloodborne Pathogen trainings will be conducted annually.


The Safety Policy is available online on the County’s website.


First Aid Kits should be readily available in all departments, and locations should be identified online.  Departmental kits should include basic items, but Ms. Williams instructed Chris to inform us what needs to be included in the centrally located main first aid kit.


DSS vehicles need to have fire extinguishers, and they need to be mounted – not rolling around in vehicles.


Discussion was held on buildings having battery-operated smoke alarms.  The Safety Committee will identify which buildings have them and will be responsible for them.  Battery purchases will come from Emergency Management and/or Public Buildings budgets.


Discussion was also held regarding installing pull system alarms.  The Ahoskie DSS Building should be looked at first.  Then a system needs to be installed in Office Building #1 because this building will be used for many years.  Also, include the Office on Aging Building.  Fire Evacuation Routes are already posted.


Some discussion was held on occupancy loads in assembly areas.


All employees will need to have Fire Extinguisher Training and Evacuation Training who do not already get this training.


Workplace Violence Training is scheduled for July.


Discussion was held on posting Safety Committee Minutes on website and/or sending copies to employees.






September 11, 2012

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Mike Bradley, James Broglin, Davey Gaston, Chris Smith, Richard Tann, Sara Turner, Paul Vaughan, and Loria Williams


Absent:  Viola Benthall and Raymond Eure


Others Present:  Shelia Matthews


Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.


The Safety Policy is online including an employee section of downloadable forms.


OSHA requires that First Aid Kits be readily available and not necessarily in each department.  One kit will be on Administration’s side of Office Building No. 1, and another kit will be on Social Services’ side of the building.  After reviewing guidelines, we do not need a kit as large as we first thought.  Locations of these kits will be marked on the building’s floor plan.  Also, those employees that work out of their vehicles need First Aid Kits in the vehicles as well.  Chris added that the minimum standard kit should be color coded.  The same kit will be used in the buildings as well as the vehicles.  Department Heads need to assess their needs and relay them to Chris for one order to be placed instead of individual departments ordering.


Davey updated the group that the pull stations project is still ongoing and that new fire extinguishers are being delivered today.


There will be a Fire Extinguisher Training set up in October.  It will be a condensed version for those employees who would not use them regularly and a more hands-on version for other employees such as law enforcement, kitchen staff, and EMS.


A Vehicle Accident Checklist was distributed and discussed.  It can be folded up to pocket size and contains all pertinent information needed during an accident.  This does NOT replace the Accident Investigation Report Form, but will have all necessary information to complete the report form.


Some discussion was held on Defensive Driving.  If a more intense training is needed for Defensive Driving, Chris has found a four-hour online training for $29 per person.  This would be required for repeat offenders.


Inspection of all buildings is still an ongoing process.  Discussion was held on what kinds of reports are done and how the findings are shared with department heads after these inspections.


There is an Asbestos warning sign in the basement of the Ahoskie Social Services Building that was questioned and discussed since the area is being used for storage.  Ms. Williams explained that OSHA made us put the sign up and dictated the wording.  The warning sign is there for anyone who may disturb it (maintenance or repair work) – not for anyone using as storage space.  It is not an immediate danger.


Chris has found a few departmental safety policies in the Safety Manual, and some of them are somewhat old.  They need to be reviewed for accuracy and make sure they are not contradictory to the overall Safety Policy.


Having a generic Safety Policy to cover all employees was discussed.  This was mentioned because a Highway Patrolman had made comments that he sees a lot of County employees not wearing seat belts on County vehicles.


The Safety Committee will make an update at the next Department Head Meeting.  It will involve discussion on First Aid Kits and the Vehicle Accident Checklist.  In addition, Sara will show all the Safety information that is available on our website.







December 4, 2012

9:30 A.M.


Safety Committee Members Present:  Mike Bradley, James Broglin, Holly Brooks, Davey Gaston, Chris Smith, Richard Tann, Sara Turner, Paul Vaughan,


Absent:  Viola Benthall and Loria Williams


Others Present:  Betty Williams



Chris Smith, Emergency Management Director, called the meeting to order.



Pending Issues (Old Business)


Chris began the meeting by reviewing minutes from last meeting by giving updates.

The floor was opened for Committee members to give updates.


OSHA Requirements


OSHA requirements were reviewed. It was determined that a log of use would be put in place for First Aid assistance given. The log will help track quantity usage of first aid kits coming in and going out. It was noted that a working definition of first aid needs to be established. Holly will research and have a working definition when we meet again. Chris notified the committee that he would be responsible for refills. A lengthy discussion was held on OSHA regulations.


Vehicle Accident Check List


Holly introduced the approved County Vehicle Accident Checklist Form.

Requirements are:


  1. supervisors go over what happened
  2. accident checklist emailed to Sara Turner for posting
  3. County vehicle registration card, insurance card and the pamphlet must be in the vehicle along with a throw away camera.

Discussion was held on high mileage vehicles. Auto Fleet needs improvement.


Fire Extinguisher


Chris Smith announced Fire Extinguisher Training for December 5, 2012 and January 10, 2012

@ 9:30 a. m. It has been established that everyone will be asked to complete this training.



Public Building Repairs


Davey Gaston gave updates on public building repairs and discussed the policy concerning padlocks on doors. It was noted that the policy states that exit doors can not be padlocked. An additional statement was made by Chris on the stance of the Commissioners on Space heaters. The floor opened with committee members giving suggestions, sharing concerns and asking questions.


New Business


Bloodborne Pathogens


Chris explained the importance of blood borne pathogens training. It was noted that each new employee will complete this training. The floor was opened for discussion.


Dana Riddick entered by asking do we have a policy about air fresheners?  Davey responded explaining that there can be no air borne chemicals due to people having allergies. No cans of Lysol or air fresheners. The Housekeeping department uses products that do not have chemicals. Are there any approved sprays? This will be added to the next agenda for the next meeting.


Bio Hazards


Chris gave instructional information for controlling bio hazard materials. It was noted that a Bio Hazard collection site has been found for DSS, Housekeeping and Solid Waste. Discussions were held on areas that are affected by bio hazards and information gathered for additional needed materials. Davey Gaston shared the dangers along with policy for using air borne chemicals in the work place. There will be more discussion on this subject in the next meeting.

Risk Management


Holly introduced the Risk Management Worksheet. She identified the correct procedure and the proper method of assistance for the slip and fall season. Committee members discussed and gave ideas for training.


Fire Codes


The floor was opened to discuss designated area for smoking. Research will be conducted and data will collected on fire code policy for cigarette stands footage to the building.

Chris discussed expectations up hire.




Holly shared the importance of being in compliance with HIPPA. The floor was opened for questions.




Chris gave final thoughts by encouraging everyone to read the safety packet.


The meeting was adjourned.