Adult and Family Services

Special Assistance to Adults:

This program provides for payments to qualifying Adults for cost related to living in an Adult Care Home.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Medical Transportation:

Transportation is arranged and paid for through the Department for qualifying individuals who are also recipients of Medicaid or elderly or handicapped.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Adult Care Home Case Management:

Services are provided to individuals placed in Adult Care Homes that are in need of special services due to their special physical or mental health needs.  Assessment and arranging for services to meet their special needs is a part of the program and enables the Adult Care Home to receive payment from Medicaid for qualifying individuals so enhanced care can be provided.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


 Adult Protective Services:

Services are provided to disabled adults who are reported to be abused neglected or exploited.  An evaluation is conducted to determine if the disabled adult is in need of services.  If services are needed, services are mobilized as appropriate to remedy the abuse, neglect or exploitation. Unless incompetent, the adult can always choose whether or not the services will be accepted.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Adult Foster Care:

Individuals in need of placement in an Adult Care Home or nursing facility may request assistance with placement or adjustment services.  This service is often provided in conjunction with Adult Protective Services.  The Department also monitors Adult Care Homes for compliance with standards of care in cooperation with the North Carolina Division of Facility Services.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Adult Day Care/Day Health:

Adult Day Care is provided to disabled adults as an alternative to placement or to prevent social isolation and to support caregivers of disabled adults.  Services are provided based on availability of funding.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


In-Home Aide Services:

In-Home aide services are provided to eligible adults in need of home management and personal care assistance in order to remain in their own home. These services are provided to the extent funding is available.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Guardianship Services:

The Department provides services to families in planning for guardianship and when an incompetent adult as determined by the Clerk of Court is in need of a Guardian and other individuals cannot be located to serve as the Guardian, then the Clerk of Court may appoint the Director of Social Services, the Health Director or the Mental Health Director as Guardian.  The appointment by the Clerk should be determined by the primary need of the individual.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


At Risk Case Management:

At risk case management services are provided to Medicaid eligible individuals that may have physical or other handicaps that prevent them from managing their illness or managing their household including management of their income.  This service is provided to reduce the risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and prevent the lack of care or inability of the client to care for themselves.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


Trust Accounts:

The Department maintains a Trust Account for individuals in need of a protective payee or guardian.  Social Workers manage the funds with the client or on behalf of the client and authorize disbursements from the account to support the needs of the client.

Location:  Ahoskie Office


 Services For The Blind – Betz Blowe, Social Worker – NC Division of Services for the Blind

 Location:  Winton Office


Community Alternatives Programs (CAP) for Disabled Adults and Children

Case Management Services are provided to individuals that are eligible for Medicaid and are in need of placement in a nursing home.  Services include an assessment and arranging for services in the community that will enable the individual to remain in the community so that placement in a nursing home is the last best choice.

 Location:  Ahoskie Office

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