Social Services

Hertford County Department of Social Services recognized three of their employees at the quarterly agency meeting on Friday, November 6, 2015 for their years of service.  The employees total together 80 years of service to the agency.

Pictured from left to right:

 Avis Murphy has 20 years asa Supervisor II for Work First/Crisis/General Assistance;  Kathy Richmond has 25 years as a Supervisor II Income Maintenance  and Viola Benthall has 35 years as an Administrative Officer I.  Hertford County Department of Social Services is very proud of the continued commitment these employees give to the organization and our community.

To Report Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Children or Elderly,

please call (252) 358-7830 or (252) 358-7805.

After hours please call (252) 358-7800, or call 911.

The Hertford County Department of Social Services is an agency committed to the belief that all the citizens of Hertford County should be adequately fed, clothed, sheltered and provided with an opportunity to become as self-sufficient as possible. The agency is responsible for operating the assigned government programs according to the rules and regulations promulgated by the governing bodies responsible for the implementation of each program.

It is the responsibility of the agency to assure that all individuals who are eligible for various programs are aware of these resources and benefits and have an opportunity to apply for any assistance which may be needed and for which they may be eligible.

The Hertford County Department of Social Services is a single point of entry for many social services available to Hertford County citizens. The Hertford County Department of Social Services has two locations (Ahoskie, NC and Winton, NC). Please see the specific services pages to find out which office provides the services you need.

To apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the Food & Nutrition Program, Medicaid or other types of assistance, you must apply at the DSS office in the county in which you live.

To apply for assistance, please visit our location. Once an application is filed with our office, you will be assigned a caseworker and an appointment will be set up for you. Your caseworker will discuss your needs and assess if you are eligible for services. This initial interview with your caseworker will take from 1-1 1/2 hours. Your eligibility is determined within the following timeframes;

Food & Nutrition – 30 days
TANF/Medicaid – 45
Disability Medicaid – 90 days

Services / Programs

Adoption Services:

Adult Care Home Case Management:

Adult Day Care/Day Health:

Adult Foster Care:

Adult Protective Services:

At Risk Case Management:

Blind Services:

Child Day Care:

Child Foster Care and Reunification:

Child Protective Services:

Community Alternatives Program (CAP-DA):

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP):

Domestic Violence:

Emergency Assistance:

Employment Services:

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition Online Services (FNS):

General Assistance:

Grant Diversion:

Guardianship Services:

Home Studies:

In-Home Aide Services:

Independent Living Services:

Interstate Placement Services:

Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP):


Medical Transportation:

North Carolina Health Choice:

Qualified Substance Abuse Professional:

Special Assistance to Adults:

Transportation Assistance:

Trust Accounts:

Work First:

Youth Employment Permits:

All staff can be contacted by calling (252) 358-7830 or visiting the DSS location.

All Office Hours:Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Winton Office  
PO Box 218  
704 N King Street  
Winton, NC 27986  
Tel: (252) 358-7830  
Fax: (252) 358-0597  

Adult Protective Services / Adult Day Care / Adult Home Specialist / Guardianship / Blind Services / Community Alternative Program
Glenda Simmons, Supervisor

Medicaid / NC Health Choice
Rachel Askew, Kathy Richmond, Patricia Vann -  Supervisors

Adult Medicaid
Rachel Askew, Kathy Richmond, Patricia Vann -  Supervisors

Child Protective Services / Investigations Assessment & Treatment / Foster Care / Adoptions & Licensing
Tiffiany Walton, Supervisor

Child Day Care/ Medical Transportation
Jacqueline White, Supervisor

Food & Nutrition Services / Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)
Rachel Askew, Kathy Richmond, Patricia Vann -  Supervisors

Work First / Employment Services / Benefit Diversion /Emergency Assistance / Domestic Violence / Crisis Intervention Program
Avis Murphy, Supervisor