Frequently Asked Questions

Property Tax Foreclosure

The time, date and location of your next tax deed auction?
The time and date vary. The location is at the Hertford County Courthouse door.

The form of payment required to purchase at the auction?
Cash or certified funds.

A list of any and all venues used to advertise your auction including scheduled advertising dates?
We advertise in our local newspaper, The Roanoke Chowan News Herald, Ahoskie, NC 27910.

Details used by your county for full payment of properties purchased at your sale? Is there a payment schedule, or is demand made for payment in full?
Payment in full.

A complete list of the properties coming up for sale, indicating any fee(s) associated with purchase of that list?
This list is supplied to us whenever the attorney schedules a sale.

Your procedure for dispoing of properties not sold at the auction?
They are sold by the county. Click Here for the procedure.

Instructions to follow in registering for you next auction?
You do not register. You or a represenative for you need to be present.

You may call our Attorney, Irvine Law Firm at (252) 809-4930, if you have any further questions.

Real Estate

I sold this property - Why am I getting this bill?
North Carolina Law states that all taxable real property shall be listed in the name of the owner as of January 1st each year. If this is a bill for real property that you sold on or after January 1 of the current year, please forward a copy of the tax bill to the current owner. It is our policy to notify the new owner as soon as possible, and you can assist in this process by sending this information to the current owner in a timely manner.

When are my taxes due and when does interest begin?
Property taxes are due and payable September 1, of the current year and interest begins on January 6 of the following year at a rate of 2% and increases by 3/4 of 1% per month until paid. Interest and penalties are determined by the U.S. Postal postmark, and not by postal meter dates.

My mortgage company should pay this bill. Why am I getting it?
Even if you have an escrow account with a mortgage company on this property, the bill will be sent to you, with the escrow company being notified electronically. We depend on the mortgage company to determine what bills they require for payment. If you received the bill and you think the mortgage company should pay this bill, please contact your mortgage company.

May I Make Partial Payments?
Partial payments may be made from the time you receive your tax bill until January 6 of the following year.

Motor Vehicles
NCDMV License Plate Agency Telephone – (252) 332-2801 Ahoskie; (252) 398-4597 Murfreesboro

Did I pay vehicle taxes when I bought my tag?
The tax bill generated by Hertford County is an Ad Valorem tax bill generated yearly by the County. The tax paid when the vehicle is purchased is an excise tax for road improvements.

When does my motor vehicle tax come due?
You are billed within 90 days of tag renewal. You are given 1 month to pay before interest starts. After four (4) months, a block will be put on your tag, and you will have to pay taxes before the block can be removed.

Explain what happens when you transfer or turn in your tag.
Tag Transfer: When you transfer a tag to another vehicle, you pay the tax on the current vehicle that is tagged. We will pick up the new vehicle next year.

Tag Turn-In

Tags should be turned in to the DMV License Plate Agency at the locations shown below.  Upon surrender of the tag, NCDMV will provide a Receipt of Tag Surrender  (NCDMV form  FS20).  Requests for proration, the FS20 form and proof that the vehicle is no longer in your possession or that you have registered the vehicle out of state should be submitted to the Hertford County Tax Collector’s Office within 12 months of the date the license plate is surrendered to NCDMV.  There must be at least one full month remaining in the vehicle tax year upon date of surrender.  If the bill has been paid a refund for the difference will be processed.  WE CANNOT PRORATE TAXES OR REDUCE MOTOR VEHICLE TAX BILLS WITHOUT THE FS20 FORM.  This form must be received within one year of the tags surrender.


NCDMV License Plate Agency – 907 E. Memorial Drive, Ahoskie, NC 27910

NCDMV License Plate Agency – 105-B E. Broad Street, Murfreesboro, NC 27855

NCDMV Tag Registration 3148 Mail Service Center Division, Raleigh, NC 27966

Tax Payments
What methods of payment can be used to pay taxes online?
Any of the following major credit cards American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa or a PayPal account. A PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED to pay by credit card.

Can partial payments be made online?
No – to make partial payment you must pay by mail or at the Tax Office with cash or check.

When will my payment be posted when paid online?
Your payment will be credited on the date of the transaction and will be reflected on our website on the same day.

Why are processing fees and transaction fees charged when paying online?
These fees are charged by PayPal to cover payment transactions made on the web site and this fee is not retained by Hertford County.

Can credit card or debit card payments be made at the Tax Collector's Office?
Credit / Debit cards are accepted in the office.

Will I receive a receipt when my payment is made online?
After completing your payment transaction you will be able to print a paid receipt. Will I be able to take a receipt to the tag office to get my renewal? Yes, after completing the payment transaction you will be able to print a paid receipt.

Enforced Collection Measures
Once taxes become delinquent, Hertford County utilizes the measures provided by the North Carolina General Statutes to collect delinquent taxes. These measures are as follows: wage garnishment, bank attachment, attachment of North Carolina State income tax refunds, levy and foreclosure.

Return Check Policy
N.C.G.S. 105-357(2) Penalty
– In addition to interest for nonpayment of taxes provided by G.S. 105 360 and in addition to any criminal penalties provided by law, the penalty for presenting in payment of taxes a check or electronic funds transfer that is returned or not completed because of insufficient funds or nonexistence of an account of the drawer or transferor is twenty five dollars ($25.00) or ten percent (10%) of the amount of the check or electronic invoice, whichever is greater, subject to a maximum of one thousand dollars ($1,000).