E-911 Addressing

The Land Records / GIS department is now responsible for the assignment and maintenance of Hertford County’s rural E-911 addresses.  We are working in GIS to create a database of all address points within Hertford County, including the local municipalities.  This information is needed for the Enhanced Emergency 911 system (E-911).  Having this information will allow Hertford County to provide the needed information to appropriate emergency and non-emergency response and support the needs of the 911 dispatch center.

The following main objectives have been identified:

  • To provide a means for expedient emergency response by fire, police, rescue, medical and any other emergency services.
  • To establish a property location that will serve as Emergency 911 locator.
  • To assist in the proper delivery of mail, utility, and other services.
  • To provide property owners and the county with a convenient, accurate and systematic means of identifying property.
  • To name new streets and rename old streets with conflicting or duplicate names in order to provide efficient emergency services.
  • To support the County move to the Enhanced 911 system.


Contact Information


Sara Turner – Land Record / GIS Manager



Thomas Lindsay– GIS Technician




 Office Telephone:


(252) 358-7809

Fax: (252) 358-7806
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