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To Report Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Children or Elderly,

please call (252) 358-7830 or (252) 358-7805.

After hours please call (252) 358-7800, or call 911.



The Hertford County Department of Social Services is a single point of entry for many social services available to Hertford County Citizens.   The Hertford County Department of Social Services has two locations (Ahoskie, NC and Winton, NC).  Please see the specific services pages to find out which office provides the services you need.

To apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the Food & Nutrition Program, Medicaid or other types of assistance, you must apply at the DSS office in the county in which you live.

To apply for assistance, please visit our location. Once an application is filed with our office, you will be assigned a caseworker and an appointment will be set up for you. Your caseworker will discuss your needs and assess if you are eligible for services. This initial interview with your caseworker will take from 1-1 1/2 hours. Your eligibility is determined within the following timeframes.

Food & Nutrition - 30 days
TANF/Medicaid - 45 days
Disability Medicaid - 90 days

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The Hertford County Department of Social Services is an agency committed to the belief that all the citizens of Hertford County should be adequately fed, clothed, sheltered and provided with an opportunity to become as self-sufficient as possible. The agency is responsible for operating the assigned government programs according to the rules and regulations promulgated by the governing bodies responsible for the implementation of each program.

It is the responsibility of the agency to assure that all individuals who are eligible for various programs are aware of these resources and benefits and have an opportunity to apply for any assistance which may be needed and for which they may be eligible.


The following list of program descriptions includes those services provided by the Hertford County Department of Social Services. This document only includes a brief and limited description of the services listed.  If additional information is desired, the Department has almost unlimited program descriptions.

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Food & Nutrition

The North Carolina Division of Social Services arranges for the Food & Nutrition benefits to be provided to eligible recipients by the Department.  The Food & Nutrition benefits are now provided to the recipients by an Electronic Benefit Transfer card (EBT card).


Nutrition Online Services (FNS):

EPass is a tool that lets you check on the Internet to see if you may be eligible for Food & Nutrition Benefits in North Carolina. Click the Banner below:


This service pays for medical assistance to qualifying individuals as determined by the Departments staff.  The Division of Medical Assistance reimburses various medical providers.  It is one of the most significant funding sources for nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, Mental Health Centers and many other organizations.

North Carolina Health Choice:

NC Health Choice began in October 1998 and provides comprehensive insurance coverage to children. The Department certifies clients to receive the insurance. Based on income, families may be required to pay a small application fee. Blue Cross/Shield of North Carolina is the insurance carrier.

Special Assistance to Adults:

This program provides for payments to qualifying Adults for cost related to living in an Adult Care Home.

Medical Transportation:

Transportation is arranged and paid for through the Department for qualifying individuals who are also recipients of Medicaid or elderly or handicapped.

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP):

This program provides payments to local vendors for both energy assistance and certain equipment that may provide for heating or cooling. The funds are generally used for heating oil, kerosene, electricity, wood, or fans. The Department determines the client’s eligibility. The program may limited based on the availability of funds.

Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP):

This program assists low-income clients with their energy (heating) bills by providing cash assistance (checks) to qualifying individuals. The checks are issued once per year, usually in February.

Work First:

Cash assistance (checks) are provided to qualifying families with children. Many recipients of the cash assistance are required to participate in the employment services program.

Grant Diversion:

A Work First program that provides one time short-term assistance to enable a qualifying family to remain self-supporting. Clients may receive up to three months cash benefits including Medicaid and Food & Nutrition.

Qualified Substance Abuse Professional:

The Work First Program in cooperation with the Mental Health Department offers substance abuse counseling to Work First recipients. The Department screens and refers qualifying clients to the program.

Domestic Violence:

This program provides funding to assist eligible individuals with assistance when domestic violence is an issue in the family. The program is provided in cooperation with SAFE. Domestic violence screening is provided for all Work First recipients.

Employment Services:

This program works in close cooperation with the Mental Health Department, Employment Security Commission, Choanoke Area Development Association, Roanoke Chowan Community College, Local Business, and the Faith Community and a multitude of other agencies and groups. Services are provided to certain recipients of Work First in the areas of job training, cost of participation in work and job training.

Emergency Assistance:

This program provides assistance to qualifying families who do not receive Work First cash assistance with one time emergency assistance to relieve a temporary crisis. The program is offered based on the availability of funds.

Transportation Assistance:

This program is for employed Non-Work First participants who are in need of transportation assistance related to employment.

Child Day Care:

This program provides funding for child day care services for eligible children through the Division of Child Development and Smart Start. The Department determines eligibility for the service and works in close cooperation with Smart Start, the Division of Child Development and local Child Day Care Providers. Clients may be required to pay a fee based on their income.

Adult Care Home Case Management:

Services are provided to individuals placed in Adult Care Homes that are in need of special services due to their special physical or mental health needs. Assessment and arranging for services to meet their special needs is a part of the program and enables the Adult Care Home to receive payment from Medicaid for qualifying individuals so enhanced care can be provided.

Adult Protective Services:

Services are provided to disabled adults who are reported to be abused neglected or exploited. An evaluation is conducted to determine if the disabled adult is in need of services. If services are needed, services are mobilized as appropriate to remedy the abuse, neglect or exploitation. Unless incompetent, the adult can always choose whether or not the services will be accepted.

Community Alternatives Program (CAP-DA):

Case Management Services are provided to individuals that are eligible for Medicaid and are in need of placement in a nursing home. Services include an assessment and arranging for services in the community that will enable the individual to remain in the community so that placement in a nursing home is the last best choice.

Adult Foster Care:

Individuals in need of placement in an Adult Care Home or nursing facility may request assistance with placement or adjustment services. This service is often provided in conjunction with Adult Protective Services. The Department also monitors Adult Care Homes for compliance with standards of care in cooperation with the North Carolina Division of Facility Services.

Adult Day Care/Day Health::

Adult Day Care is provided to disabled adults as an alternative to placement or to prevent social isolation and to support caregivers of disabled adults. Services are provided based on availability of funding.

In-Home Aide Services:

In-Home aide services are provided to eligible adults in need of home management and personal care assistance in order to remain in their own home. These services are provided to the extent funding is available.

Guardianship Services:

The Department provides services to families in planning for guardianship and when an incompetent adult as determined by the Clerk of Court is in need of a Guardian and other individuals cannot be located to serve as the Guardian, then the Clerk of Court may appoint the Director of Social Services, the Health Director or the Mental Health Director as Guardian. The appointment by the Clerk should be determined by the primary need of the individual.

At Risk Case Management:

At risk case management services are provided to Medicaid eligible individuals that may have physical or other handicaps that prevent them from managing their illness or managing their household including management of their income. This service is provided to reduce the risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and prevent the lack of care or inability of the client to care for themselves.

Trust Accounts:

The Department maintains a Trust Account for individuals in need of a protective payee or guardian. Social Workers manage the funds with the client or on behalf of the client and authorize disbursements from the account to support the needs of the client.

Child Protective Services:

The Department receives reports of alleged abuse, neglect or dependency on children in Hertford County. All reports are screened and investigations are conducted when the report is screened in. If there is substantiated abuse, neglect or dependency, services are provided in accordance to the protection plan developed with the family. When children are at risk of harm and cannot remain with family, the Department may need to assume custody of the child and place the child in a licensed foster home or with other appropriate family.

Child Foster Care and Reunification:

The Department provides for care of children in the custody of the Department in licensed foster care homes, group homes, childcare institutions, and other therapeutic placements. Foster Homes are supervised by the Department and the Department partners with the foster parents to provide substitute care for the children until they can be returned to their families whenever possible. If return to the family is not possible, then a permanent plan is developed for the child which may include adoption.

Adoption Services:

The Department provides Adoption services to children in custody of the Department that have been released to the Department for Adoption or when the parental rights have been terminated by the court. When children have special needs and are available for adoption, adoption subsidies may be paid on behalf of the children. Other services may be provided for children that have been adopted with special needs such as payment for special medical needs, therapeutic services, legal fees, etc. Recruitment of adoptive applicants for children in the custody of the Department is a part of our Adoption Service. The Department also completes a report to the court in relative adoptions.

Independent Living Services:

Youth in the custody of the Department of Social Services are provided with special services to prepare them for the transition from foster care to living independently when they become adults.

Interstate Placement Services:

The Department conducts home studies and supervises placements when children in protective custody are placed across State lines. Interstate Placement service is also the vehicle used when children in the Departments custody need placement in another state.

Home Studies:

The Departments conducts Home Studies and makes recommendation on the placement of children when ordered to do so by the court for children not in the custody of the Department. This service may involve a fee.

Blind Services:

Services provided by the North Carolina Division of Blind Services are located in the Department. The Department also participates in the provision of in-home aide service and social work services provided by the Division of Blind Services. An array of services are available to support qualified visually impaired individuals.

Youth Employment Permits:

The Department completes Work Permits for children under 16 to authorize children to work.

General Assistance:

The Department has limited funds to assist individuals not eligible for any State or Federal program and/or pay for items that are not covered by any State or Federal Programs. This includes clothing and allowances for foster children when not covered by another program, special needs of certain foster children, and one time emergency assistance for indigent individuals.




All staff can be contacted by calling (252) 358-7830 or visiting one of the following DSS locations. Each office houses a different unit.

If you are unsure as to what services you need please see someone in the Ahoskie office for general intake.

Winton Office

PO Box 218

704 N King Street

Winton, NC 27986

Tel: (252) 358-7830

Fax: (252) 358-0597

Ahoskie Office

PO Box 218

220 N. Mitchell Street

Ahoskie, NC 27910

Tel: (252) 358-7830

Fax: (252) 332-4710

Food & Nutrition/LIEAP
Maudie Chambers, Supervisor

Medicaid Adult
Barbara Woodard, Supervisor

Family and Children’s Medicaid
Health Choice
Rachel Askew, Supervisor

Child Protective Services
Investigations Assessment & Treatment

Brenda Brown

Foster Care
Sheila Manley-Evans, Supervisor

Work First/ Employment Services Benefit Diversion, 200% of Poverty/Emergency Assistance/Domestic Violence
Avis Murphy, Supervisor

Community Alternative Program -Disabled Adults& Children/Child Day Care
Glenda Simmons, Supervisor

Adult Proctective Services
General Intake/Medical Transportation/Crisis
Adult Day Care/Adult Home Specialist/Guardianship
Blind Services
Carolyn Pearce, Supervisor


Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.