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Thank you for connecting with HC Government as we continue to showcase departments and share additional county information. Delivering services that are courteous, responsive, and seamless continue to be a key core value of the Hertford County Board of County Commissioners, County Manager Loria Williams & Hertford County Government staff. Today, we link citizens to our Public Works & Facilities Department.


Public Works

Mr. Mike Bradley is the Public Works Director.

The facilities department mission is to provide support services for the purpose of maintaining well-functioning and safe facilities that are conductive to a quality environment for the citizens and employees of Hertford County.

Public Works Department assists the county by maintaining all facilities to the highest standard, maintaining all public areas to a showcase standard, and providing grounds areas that are safe and attractive for the public and our employees. This department is managed by the Public Works Director with the assistance of a Housekeeping Supervisor, two full-time coordinators, two full-time Housekeepers, eight part-time housekeepers and three full-time Buildings and Grounds Maintenance workers.


Hertford County Rural Water

Ms. Becky Turner is our Public Works Manager. Hertford County Rural Water is overseen by the Public Works Director, Mr. Michael Bradley, and managed by the Public Works Manager, Administrative Assistant, Field Supervisor, 3 Water Maintenance Technicians, and 2 Office Billing Clerks.
The mission of the Hertford County Rural Water Department is to provide Hertford County Citizens with the highest quality water at adequate pressure, in the most economically well managed process possible. This department also provide for a Waste Water collection system in the most economically well managed process possible. Our Citizen’s trust in our service is our driving force.
Hertford County Rural Water provide quality water at adequate pressure that is disinfected with gaseous chlorite and monitored daily for residuals. Monthly, treated water is sampled and tested for coliform and tested for over 150 contaminants every year. Our Water is provided by ground water from 4 deep wells located in the County. We have over 330 miles of water line, over 300 hydrants, 2300 meters and 5 water tanks that hold 1 million gallons combined. We also provide a Waste Water Collection System that includes 53 individual grinder pumps, two lift stations and 2 miles of sewer force main. This is all maintained by a well-trained dedicated staff that cares about the product we serve and the customer service we provide.


Hertford County Solid Waste

Hertford County Solid Waste is overseen by the Public Works Director, Mr. Michael Bradley, and managed by the Public Works Manager Ms. Becky Turner.

Hertford County Solid Waste mission is to provide the citizens of Hertford County with a safe, economically sound, receptacle for house hold waste, white goods, yard debris, electronic disposal, used motor oil and antifreeze, recyclables and tires. These receptacles are at 7 convenience sites located through the County which are open 4 days a week, and a transfer station that is open five days a week. These sites are manned by trained courteous staff.

Seven convenience sites open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Transfer Station is open 8:30-12:00 noon and 1:00-5:00 pm Monday – Friday. Also, included in this department is a scale-house operator, transfer station attendant and 25 part-time site attendants.


Hertford Soil & Water Conservation District / Natural Resources Conservation Service

Mr. John David Simons, is the Director for the Hertford County Soil & Water Conservation District/Natural Resources Conservation Service. He is assisted by Brian Saunders, Resource Conservationist USDA – NRCS, Eric Parker, District Technician, and Dottie Roberson, Sr. Administrative Assistant.
The mission of the Hertford Soil & Water Conservation District continues to be the promotion of the very best use and management of our natural resources in such a manner that it will ensure a high-quality environment and rewarding economic opportunities for the citizens of Hertford County. The Board of Supervisors is constantly aware that in order to achieve our mission, it requires the cooperation of many agencies, groups and individuals within the District and surrounding counties.
Offerings to citizens include but are not limited to technical and financial cost share assistance to Hertford County citizens to reduce erosion, improve forestry, residential drainage issues, wildlife habitat and/or water quality; Ahoskie Creek and Horse & Flat Watersheds, including maintenance inspections; North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program (NCACSP); Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program (AgWRAP); Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP); Conservation Reserve Program (CRP); Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP); Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP); Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP); 5th grade Natural Resource Field Day; Resource Conservation Workshop for high school students; Waste Utilization Plans for poultry and pork producers; as well as, conservation plans for farmers to address resource concerns including soil, water, air, plants, animals and humans.

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